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3 Whales dead after stranding on a beach in Rototai, New Zealand

In what became a Golden Bay community event, hundreds of people turned up at Rototai beach to see and touch three dead sperm whales that had become stranded. 252 more words


The Whale Way or, eat your heart out Captain Ahab I spotted him first

The Mice arrived in Kaikoura, a small town on the otherwise largely deserted east coast of the South Island of New Zealand. They came to see whales.   1,555 more words

2nd installment of TotM

i did finish in class today.  just the second of a seven picture series though…due tuesday.  ay, i do love the pressure of a deadline!  i am doing one more like this one, in yellow, featuring simon starbuckle the third (my six year old loves saying this name over and over again.)  then on to the character profile watercolors.   171 more words

Moses Jones

work in progress

battling cats, infants, and toddlers, i have been working on this painting for my watercolor final.  a second story board for trials of the moonfish. 61 more words


The Real Life Moby Dick

Mocha Dick

I was just reading an article over at Cracked that talked about the real life Moby Dick.  I then found the Wikipedia entry for it which is above.   70 more words

I Stenciled My Dog Olive On My Surfboard

Olive is my dog, and she’s coming out with me whenever the waves are small and fast. I guess I have a bit of time on my hands, and making stencils is a favorite way of mine to fill up that time. 59 more words