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Viral Video Friday: Cap'n Shmelly and the Sperm Whale

Cute and humorous is this animated short – Cap’n Shmelly and the Sperm Whale.  From Omens Studios, Cap’n Shmelly is hunting down his nemesis the big whale that took his leg.


Italian surfers join effort to save beached whales

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7 sperm whales washed up on the shores of Vasto, Italy, a few days ago.  Over 100 volunteers, including many surfers, came to their aid and were able to save 4 of them. 62 more words

Whales, dolphins and a shark in Iceland

One of the highlights of my trip was the whale-watching tour I did with Láki Tours. I’m really fascinated with marine mammals in general but also orcas specifically and in the future I would love to photograph these amazing animals a lot more. 56 more words


Under the Sea :D

Amazing!! Such beauty!! You have to be here to experience yourself. This is what I want to protect, the coral reefs. Not that the mangroves and blue holes aren’t important. 200 more words


5. Sperm Whale

Sperm Whale (Physeter catodon): Phuseter (Gr); Blow-pipe or tube, kata (Gr) down/below, odous (Gr) teeth – a reference to the rows of teeth on the lower jaw, the same teeth that the Sperm Whale famously uses to eat it’s favourite prey; Giant Squid. 105 more words


Sperm Whale

The sperm whale gets its name from a wax called spermaceti that is produced in the whale’s head. Whalers used to hunt the sperm whale to harvest this wax for many purposes, including making candles.  295 more words