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Mecca Cosmetica In A Good Light Tinted Moisturiser.

You all know there is nothing I am more passionate about than sun protection, I wear some sort of sun protection everyday wether it be in a moisturiser, tinted moisturiser, primer or foundation. 115 more words


DIORSNOW BB CREAM 020 Medium Beige

“Lichtgewicht maar toch krachtig, deze hydraterende White Reveal UV-bescherming beschermt de hele dag door, zelfs onder de meest extreme omstandigheden. De BB Cream textuur, verrijkt met een nieuwe generatie van pigmenten corrigeren, vermindert donkere vlekken en alle onregelmatigheden van de huid. 512 more words

Make Up


I was a little nervous to try this recipe on a really hot day, as I am all about sunscreen and not burning. I used it here and there on not so hot days. 77 more words


A story about one girl's beauty evolution from teens to motherhood. (Third time is a charm!)

I have taken quite a super long break from blogging but I am now dusting off my keyboard and can see the letters again. Or life had me a bit busy! 969 more words

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'black skin is superior' ... say what now?

… Biologically, of course. According to Dr Danne Montague-King, an American skin doctor who has been treating Black South Africans’ skin since the 80s when very few doctors would touch us, black skin is the most superior skin. 274 more words


Rambly post about Skin Care. Organic... or NOT!?

It has been quite a while since I wanted to address the matter of the oh-so-trendy Organic Skin Care issue! Is it better than the “traditional” skin care we all used at a certain point in our lives? 850 more words


Summer love

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to stock up the essential beauty products which you need to get you through the heat! Everyone loves the look of bronzed skin but it’s becoming more and more important to slip, slop and slap to protect your… 395 more words