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Homestead Kitchen - The Morphing of a Classic

So, here’s the idea: A midweek blog about how we cook the stuff we eat here on the Homestead.

No, not original we admit BUT… 1,128 more words


Spices in Desserts- Tuesday's bakeINSPIRATION

When people think of desserts they mainly think about the stereotypical flavours: lemon, lime, butter, sugar, raspberry and etc. In some cases perhaps spices.

Notice, how I use the word ‘some’ most people  86 more words


The Fruit of the Sumac

While walking the dog by the river this morning, I noticed the full bloom of the Sumac trees.  At first glance, just some shrubbery that we’ve been seeing our whole lives, but there is more to the Sumac than meets the eyes. 190 more words

Vinny Grette's best vinaigrettes

Will waved his grandpa’s cane in front of him, as if he were fending off a stampeding herd of dinosaurs. “Fight-O-nutrients!” he roared, charging across the room. 1,046 more words


Seafood of the Week - Angels on Horseback

Angels on horseback is a hot hors d’œuvre or savoury made of oysters wrapped with bacon. The dish, when served atop breads, can also be a canapé. 953 more words


Aloo Gobi Matar & Spice Kit Giveaway!

The first meal I ever cooked on my own was aloo gobi matar. I saw it on Bend it Like Beckham DVD as a special extra and decided to give it a try while my mom wasn’t home. 270 more words