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Tricked 'Em!!! Ha...

Lettuce is not the most favorite vegetable in our household. “It is tasteless, insipid, and boring” –  I get this all the time from my husband and my two kids. 473 more words

Ways to Cut Calories

  1. Picking poultry instead of beef
    Whether you’re buying beef or turkey, “look for labels that say the meat is at least 90 percent lean,” suggests Diane Henderiks, RD, the founder of Dishwithdiane.com.
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A Curvy Girls Journey

Spice Up Your Life

I have an addiction to the Savory Spice Shop. Seasoning is the key to making healthy food tasty and different. Experiment!

 Limnos Lamb Rub… 65 more words


Drunk Chicken

Sometimes, I forget to take chicken out of the freezer in the morning to let it thaw. So, usually, I end up buying brand new chicken, even though I have a whole bunch in the freezer. 197 more words



That dry annoying tickley cough woke me i the night and as much as I coughed I could quite get what ever it was out.Time to get out the Allah’s Magic  Box of Herbs and Spices. 408 more words

Nutrtional Imformation

Introducing the PULVERIZE Pepper Mill!

Introducing the PULVERIZE Pepper Mill

Good afternoon readers,

As you are aware, my name is Alyson Kelle and I am the Lead Inventor for PULVERIZE. Our company, PULVERIZE Spice Grinders, was created in 2012 to offer consumers an alternative way to grind their spices. 409 more words