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Cheesy Spam Casserole

  Yep you read it right, spam is a main ingredient in this tasty casserole that will keep your tummy happy and your taste buds a smilin’. 223 more words

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that's pretty spicy, Tom said gingerly

If you know me at all you know I love ginger. I love fresh ginger, ginger drinks of various sorts, crystalized ginger, ginger candies, most any sort of thing gingery. 705 more words

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McCormick Gormet Thyme Review

I got this complimentary McCormick Gourmet Thyme to test and review. This is the first time I try thyme on anything. I decided to make some lemon tea with thyme in it and i must say it tastes delicious. 48 more words


Greens and beans with yogurt and spices

I had a ton of cannellini beans leftover from pasta e fagioli and I had this idea for an Italian/Indian fusion using the cannellini beans and some kale. 486 more words


Viking Venison Recipe

This looks amazing and is the work of an archeological chef who wants to bring Viking cuisine back to life. Granted, they didn’t have potatoes then, but I’m betting that this would be amazing with roasted potatoes. 194 more words


Burmese Bolognese "Spaghetti"

I never had tasted Burmese food before, but a friend made this dish at my in-laws home for dinner and I enjoyed it immensely. I asked her for some pointers and then tried to recreate it at home. 352 more words

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My "Super Secret Special Blend Masala Tea" recipe

Well, it’s not so secret now!

Let me begin with one of my minor pet peeves: I hate that this is called Chai Tea! Chai literally means tea, in Hindi. 517 more words