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Brief Update: Fabric On Demand Weirdness and Tutorial Progress

So, as promised, I’m trying to keep it brief while I push through costume prep and–soon–costume sewing.

Fabric On Demand Weirdness

The night before last, my girlfriend checked the mail and brought me a package. 451 more words


"Sinister Six", "Amazing Spider-Man 3" get release dates

The Sinister Six, a six person super-villain collection of Spider-Man’s greatest foes, will be the next chapter released in Sony’s Amazing Spider-Man franchise.

Today, Sony announced… 448 more words


Spidey Shirt Take 2: New & Marginally Improved

May I start out by saying that after all the patterning, measuring, tracing, cursing, cutting, assembling, cursing, pinning, basting, seaming, cursing, seam-ripping, cursing, re-seaming–and cursing, did I mention cursing?– that goes into a garment like this, I am just happy that it is in the shape of a shirt at all! 937 more words


Stitching Witchcraft & DIY Spidey Shirt, Take 2

The first test stitch on my new machine. This was the “out of the box” straight stitch setting.  And yes, the curve was on purpose. This thing handles very well! 653 more words


My Baby has arrived!

Isn’t she beautiful?

I know, I know… But I had to work my evening shift last night, and then my GF sucked me into watching more Supernatural (first season–we’re latecomers but slightly addicted), so I haven’t even gotten it out of the box yet. 303 more words


Why Max Dillon Worked... For Me

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 had the textbook example of a mixed response. The music was unpopular, as was the way they blended the dark, realistic tone of Nolan’s Batman with the more cartoonish style of the Avengers franchise. 1,225 more words


Retro Summer Flicks

There are those movies that you watch in the winter to make you feel like summer because they are set in the summer time.  Or they are your go to movie to watch in the summer because it reminds you of when you were young.   958 more words