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Bullet Points

I am currently assisting a school chum (I hate that term but “hot chick I used to go to school with and fawn over” sounds so dorky) with a reunion.  482 more words

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Kimmy K

Kim Kardashian.  Ye gods woman, put some pants on.  While you are at it, go away. Shoo.  Begone.  You are a terrible, terrible influence on young women much as your man is a terrible influence on young men.  634 more words

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Farm Boy Fail!

Dear “Farm Boy Foods”:

As a fairly frequent shopper I wish to bring to your attention my complete and utter displeasure with my recent “free” salad and would like to request a “re-do”.  514 more words


The Distaste For Humans.

I followed the band of monkeys and Chimidyue to the giant maloca where the festival was being held. I flew inside and hid in a corner in the highest part of the maloca. 325 more words

What does a zoo keeper do all day?

Most Zoo visitors only have a brief glimpse into the world of a zoo keeper and only see what we’re working on at that moment, which is usually cleaning. 384 more words