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Nicaraguan coffee and Costa Rican sunburn…

Or was it the other way around?

Both, as the title suggests, is of a temperature that can only be experienced when you are there. You have yourself that pure ground medium roast Nicaraguan coffee, brown-black like volcanic sand with no sugar to really savor the earthy aromas. 1,807 more words

A Ruined Birthday

9th June, 2014

SARAH’S BIRTHDAY!!! Happy Birthday Sarah!

We spent the day at the Tikal ruins, the New York City of the Mayan world. The Mayan’s settled here around 700BC and over time built structures up to 61m high, at its peak Tikal had a population of approximately 100,000. 337 more words


Costa Rica, Adios Mexico & Hello England

As always, I’ve made a quick video to sum up my last few moments in Mexico!

Since the last post, I have finished working at the UAQ (not that that made a huge difference to my life as what’s an extra 4 hours free a week going to do) and the image of home had started invading my head. 1,937 more words

Our Adoption Program has changed to a SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM!!

All funds received through our site go to Kids Saving the Rainforest, a 501(c) 3 US non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the endangered mono titi monkey and Costa Rica’s Rainforest. 94 more words

Animal Rescue Center

Spider monkeys

Spiders monkeys are an extremely intelligent but threatened species with very long limbs and tails. In the wild they can be found in rainforests in Central and South America. 83 more words

Nature And Environment

Mexican primate project-update 2

As much as I have been enjoying connecting with other primatologists and like-minded folk through my blog, website, and twitter, I have to say the immersion back into the wild has been so pleasing that I have put off the trip to the city to stay instead with the animals, which has meant a significant lack of updates on my behalf and for that I am sorry. 1,032 more words