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Daily Haiku 2014.04.17 --

A magic offering
mingling cool with scents of grass –
god’s-eye in droplets

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A foggy day

Living in the tropics, I have never really experienced fog. Sure, we get some low lying fog that hangs over the top of the football fields every now and then and maybe once or twice I have noticed that the end of our street looks a little cloudy first thing in the morning. 80 more words


Strongest ever

Question time: What is stronger than steel and more elastic than rubber?

Clue: I already talked about it in my post “Spiders to the birds rescue!”. 675 more words

Itsy Bitsy spider

I know I know Easter is just a couple of days away. But at $1.11 per yard, and being enough for part of my daughter’s Halloween costume I decided to buy the just over 2 yards remaining on the bolt. 24 more words


Web of the Spider

The Web of the spider
The arachnid designer
Wonder of nature


A Morning Around the House

Although it is usually too smoggy to see the sun rise, there are still some things I like to see in the morning at home. 74 more words