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Spider web revisited –
yesterday’s posting reminded me of another similar shot of the same style of spider web taken in August of 2011…

… so amazing to see… this perfect circle floating in space.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

This week’s photo challenge is dialogue – bringing together two pictures that tell a story.  Host Frédéric Biver said:

Dialogue is an engaging conversational exchange.

350 more words


Some captured Labor Day weekend nature moments at the Marianist Retreat Center

flying saucer spider web


Red Devil Spider - photography

 What have I become
caught between these lines
in this maze of scarlet's web.
Horn's weighing my shoulders
thorns emerge from my side.
A devils deceit
creating a world 
captured by my own destiny. 54 more words

The Intricacies of Nature

What often seems a plain field of weeds, upon closer inspection will reveal the intricacies of nature.


A connection

Every time a connection is made with someone, either through words, actions, reading some text or watching a series of images flicker on a screen, this moment creates a thread from one to another, a fine thread, so small, but if strummed or plucked we would feel a slight pull in our head, at the point where the thought touched us. 57 more words