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Spencer the Spider

I’m not usually a fan of spiders at all, but I was out cleaning the shed today and bumped into this little fella. I’ve got to admit, he doesn’t look as scary as some spiders that I’ve seen (well, maybe those fangs….) 272 more words

Crochet Pattern

Itsy Bitsy Spider

This charming fellow will be added to my new line of economy notecards.

A kingdom of dreams

A spiders web is thin as thread, it looks so easily breakable, yet they say it’s one of the strongest naturally occurring substances. An incredible creation from something so small. 128 more words

Monday Photos

I walked over to look at the big Golden Silk Orb-weaver this morning, and I was surprised to see two large spiders in the web! 73 more words


how I blog

In deep thought with a glass of wine

soft music, slow beats

killed a baby spider with a towel and nearly threw the towel away… 52 more words