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Script: Telerana del Amor

After looking through some old files, I found the very first script I wrote at the University of Lincoln. Basic isn’t the word. Feel free to take a look using the jump below. 6 more words

Jamie Barber

Spider under the stereo microscope

My friend Richard is really into spiders. He loves them, so when I said I might look at one under the microscope he immediately checked that I was not going to harm any. 246 more words


Babysitting: being a spider slayer, referee,and art interpreter all rolled into one ;)

So last night I babysat some of my favorite kiddos in the whole world and we had fun! When I got there they wanted to play Monopoly but if last time taught me anything, it had to have been one tense game of monopoly that started the civil war so I pretty much vetoed that one haha. 273 more words

Adam Sandler