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responsible cat owner


Honestly I am!  I make sure there is fresh drinking water night and morning.  Honestly…..


Oakland Residents Say Caltrans Sound Wall Project Leading To Spike In Crime

OAKLAND (CBS SF) — Residents in an Oakland neighborhood say a Caltrans construction project is leading to a spike in crime on their street.

A sound wall project along East 8th Street is part of a Caltrans project to replace two freeway overpasses. 103 more words


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Reviews ~ Season Three, Episode Ten: "Spike at Your Service"


Twilight Sparkle gives Spike the weekend off while she reads a set of books Princess Celestia gave her, and, as a result of being on his own, he ends up through a series of mishaps in the Everfree Forest and is attacked by Timberwolves. 694 more words

Way of the Samurai PS Vita Project Reveal

I’m Commander Shepard and I endorse this message!


So, Way of the Samurai has always had some pretty weak sauce combat, but dear Lord if you’re looking for an immersive samurai action rpg look no further! 137 more words

September 1st - Prickles

The macro lens has opened up the world, and allowed me to appreciate some truly beautiful things. But occasionally you come across something different.

On Monday’s the neighbourhood gardens are usually fair game. 81 more words

I heart spikes

Joomi Lim jewellery is a very cool way to add a little edge to your usual style.  You can go all out with a statement necklace, or a simple pair of studs that are subtly punk.   143 more words


“I’m insane. What’s his excuse?”

Spike says this about Xander, in season seven, episode three of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.