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Understanding Some

learning to accept the fact

that we will no longer make memories,

both unforgettable and blurred,

is harder than finally understanding

you might be gone for good.


Spilled Ink

Push and Pull

gravity can be a rather peculiar concept

to clench between our minuscule hands.

at one point, we’re expected to 

keep our feet solidified on the ground… 12 more words

Spilled Ink

Lost Soul

No matter the distance between us,

Both physically and emotionally,

You are always going to be there.

I’ve tried to stop thinking about you

And everything we shared and said… 168 more words

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Mindless Addiction

love isn’t an object

that can simply be treated like a drug

until it’s wasted away into

a mass of nothing.

it can be craved, yes, 63 more words

Spilled Ink


it’s hard to tell

which habit is worse.

either it’s this,

or falling in love.


Spilled Ink


they say the ice gets thinner

as the seasons change

and slowly it melts away

into a puddle of nothing.

as i stand here still… 22 more words

Spilled Ink


- Went home to Batangas because I thought it’s my last day of work for this week.
– Arrive at around 1 pm
– 5 pm. 152 more words

Spilled Ink