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Wordle #21

bony fingers grasp the syringe
and with shaking hands,
it pierces the delicate skin
that houses the blood
which give you life–
the life you hate, 92 more words

Creative Writing


i didn’t realize
that the heart had only
so much love
to give.

you can only say
so many (I Love You)s
until the words lose… 80 more words

Creative Writing


if it turns out
that you have left me
with one last thing,
promise me that you
won’t abandon it
like you have done
to me.

Spilled Ink


when everything feels broken,

all we are guaranteed is time.

we don’t always ask for it,

and we might not necessarily want it.

to say it heals all wounds would be a lie, 103 more words

Spilled Ink

Sunrise Breathes.


Sunrise breathes across the cup of the day,

And I bleed through her fingers,

Like a sky full of birds,

Wheeling and falling:

88 more words

Nearly Impossible

it gets harder to drown your sorrows

once you recognize that they 

refuse to sink.


Spilled Ink

Understanding Some

learning to accept the fact

that we will no longer make memories,

both unforgettable and blurred,

is harder than finally understanding

you might be gone for good.


Spilled Ink