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Stupid Girl

“Oh you stupid, stupid girl!

You gave him all you have;

And now you’re left with a broken heart

I think that’s kinda sad.”

“Oh you stupid, stupid girl! 68 more words


Musings @ 12 Midnight

Musing #1

I should be sleeping. But instead I am awake alternating between staring at my white walls and my laptop screen. You see, I’m trying to make sense of what you do to me. 176 more words



The ball is in your court now.
Do you value me?
As a person?
As a friend?
As a sister?
Do you value me enough to salvage this relationship? 295 more words


Not Even Once Upon A Time

Admittedly, he is no prince charming.

He is no handsome woodsman either.

Ah but he is her happily ever after!  Even if he doesn’t know it. 48 more words


Never The Same

And you’re the sea that comes rushing in and tickles the sandy shore.

You’re the sea that comes and goes.

The sand’s filled with you and emptied by you completely all at once. 12 more words


Those Three Words

They sat across from the table, each waiting on the other to speak. He broke the silence: “You look amazing,” he began, “I would rather be nowhere else in this world than right here, with you.” 288 more words

Spilled Ink

Some Lousy Rhyming

I say one thing and I mean the other;
But I don’t want to be such a bother.

So I keep this other thing away on a platter; 13 more words