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He's the one I'm bringing back

Oh love,
the way we met was an adventure.
I had a bottle of red bitter wine,
and you had your poison of a whiskey. 205 more words


I received a letter from my shadow which read:

I watch every move you make

I see everything you see

I am the one who always follows you

I am you.

-J.Kim. 7/23/14



And if your
past self only
knew how to
drown, perhaps
it is time to learn
of the ocean again.

You are now
more prepared
to swim.

But no words were spoken

You touched my hands as if
my skin held words penned in Braille.
Your gaze tied together with mine
as if my eyes have spoken to yours. 55 more words


Happy ever after

I was a self proclaimed happy ever after. I could have lived a life by myself and never feel lonely. I was a fighter; an independent soul who could wander this world with no fear and ambiguity. 181 more words



My canvas is tainted,
painted with shades
that do not blend in well
with the rest of me.

What are you doing,
infecting my portrait… 8 more words


There is a
lifetime hidden
behind eyes that
do not know mine.

What will it take
for two unfamiliar
gazes to introduce