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Notes floating along
like bubbling water with
flashing colors.


(Tom) Waits For No Man

Why didn’t you tell us about it Tom?

All of those nights that you bathed in blue

And now old dance halls with your youth have gone… 79 more words

You Are the Only Feasible Partner


Dance one last time with me.
I’m not saying,
“Fall back in love with me.”
I’m saying let me fit myself against you
so that the sound… 95 more words

Ramblings & Tidbits

Even Glaciers Thaw

And I’m afraid we’re growing distant.

And I’m afraid things may never be the same again.

Because as much as I love her,
I can’t support her actions. 142 more words

Ramblings & Tidbits

One Hundred Eight

Count the stars in the sky –
doesn’t even compare to the amount
of times I’ve thought of you.

Count the leaves that fall–
doesn’t even compare to the amount… 77 more words



A: Chlorine and the Narrator’s Epilogue

- On learning to permit love and recoil underneath poolside bleachers.
        1.1 Letting the mouth indulge in what it never knew, 99 more words