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Tickle me with your eyes;
Your thoughts.
Trail an intangible finger
along my spine;
Weaving around my bones;
Teasing the envious skin you miss;
As it hungers for your affections.


Strange Days

Weird comes to me
looks at me
reminds me
of an ape
learning to read
I go outside
and get eaten by the world

- A. Ramirez

Foolish, foolish girl

Foolish girl
Fancied yourself not the type who yearned
For the love of someone’s heart not yours
All your denials–and at what worth?
Swallowed them whole, your bitter words.  103 more words

Queen Helene Takes Her Thrown

I pity those who are sorry for me

and how wrong they will find themselves

as I walk the stairway towards a light they could never see. 285 more words

beauty and tragedy

There’s something beautiful about people that mask their sadness behind smiles. The ones that do it not to seek attention, but to treat the world better than the world has treated them. 106 more words

Spilled Ink

Fears And Tenses

I can feel my heart beating in my ears
They resonate the tales of my raging fears
At night they take form of hidden tears… 46 more words


Mother Liked Roses

Mother liked to yell
but she used to meow good morning too
late night TV
with a bowl of cereal , stars in their place… 301 more words