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Mel Ramsden — Secret Painting, 1967-1968

Mel Ramsden — Secret Painting1967-1968

My Heart Suggested

When the storm grew silent and the sky parted all was still. In that moment I was struck with awe and thrill at the thought of the position I had to fill. 37 more words


The Painting of Me

I am a painting

with color splattered around,

who is always waiting

to hear the black and white sound.

I am the torn out pages… 215 more words

Spilled Ink


He’s waiting in your closet

And he sleeps beneath your bed

He spends his days waiting

Nights, inside your head

He won’t tell you what he’s after… 17 more words


mosaics of spilled raindrops
colors of water on the sidewalk

from the tears of the nimbus
dream that couldn’t hold together

anymore so he let his stars… 30 more words