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NaPoMo #23 (Haiku)

it’s amazing that
this child that I carried is
now carrying me

Whatever He Needs

He’ll either love me or hate me after this.
But I never promised to be his savior.

I was the darling devil on his shoulder, 105 more words

Ramblings & Tidbits

Here I am,
That’s besides the case,
I wasn’t questioned,
Challenged, but I was dismissed;
That’s why I’m like this.

Day 75- sleepless nights

Sleepless nights
call for heavy brains.
They yearn for fatigue
and feel high in the slack-jawed
unconsciousness, drooping eyelids,
and lagging motions
for that is when they, 27 more words



I will sigh your name into the moon
and shed all my secrets to the stars
Tonight, we are finally under the same skies
We are never far apart



Tangy sweet bitterness of newly fallen blades permeates the still air of the house and she is distracted by the distant reverberations of the mower. 619 more words

Creative Writing

Someone Asked Me to Describe Myself

I have green eyes
But not the beautiful kind
They don’t resemble emeralds,
They’re more like the color of mushed peas
You find in the baby food aisle… 144 more words