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[doubts upon doubts]

I’ve never known my own insecurities
but one thing that doesn’t escape me
is being in doubt
if you’re having doubts
almost as if
I cannot accept the fact… 9 more words


I think we’ve all been tricked by time before. 

We have watched it peel off the skin of hope

And eat the flesh of life and… 325 more words

A Daemon Home

I’m exercising these daemons 

out of my mind.
Placing them on this paper.
Allowing them to breathe new life.
Safe from infection these readers will be, … 40 more words


Sign Language

There’s something
about the way 
you flicker your fingers

in place of the words
that cannot hang 
from your lips.

   You have eyes that talk… 45 more words

insomnia: file #987


The sun is rising, yet, my eyes have not closed

my mind, full of woes

More questions than solutions

more heartache

more heart bruises… 59 more words

Fear of Happiness

Maybe we’re afraid of being happy, because when we’re happy we’re vulnerable. Because happiness is dangerous… it’s toxic. It elevates you to heights you’ve never climbed before. 83 more words

Spilled Ink


You’re dangerous because

You’re making me want to write

And share it with the world.

You’re making me want to build up courage

Just to talk to you. 53 more words