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The Obi Wan Movie I want to see.

With the new rumors about more more Star Wars spin offs I thought I’d talk about the Obi Wan movie I would like to see. 605 more words


Here's why Jeff Bezos should (but probably won't) split Amazon in two

Amazon shares have been stuck in the doldrums this year, with investors apparently tiring of its post-profit business model.

Last week the Financial Times’ esteemed… 378 more words

NaNo 2014: Julian Files, excerpt 4 || NaNo Day 11: 35,481 words

There isn’t much reason for this; I just randomly felt like sharing another excerpt.

Driving down the dusty street, with the broken windows and the empty plant holders, Julian saw the merit in staying cautious. 274 more words


NaNo 2014: Julian Files, Excerpt 3 || NaNo Day 10: 33,230 words

More Julian Files! I had planned, briefly, to post the chapters as I wrote them. And then I realized that would be bad for my mental health and creativity for writing this, so I decided not to do that and to stick with random snippets. 2,594 more words


Kristin Chenoweth Take Three

With such a unique talent as hers, it’s no surprise that Kristin Chenoweth makes another character come alive in the animated film Rio 2. 96 more words


NaNo 2014: Julian Files, excerpt 2 || NaNo Day 2: 10,399 words

Another Julian Files excerpt. As I mentioned yesterday, I might stop these excerpts if I decide to post the whole thing as a book, or even if it just seems like no one is interested and it’s taking up unnecessary space. 808 more words


NaNo 2014: Julian Files, excerpt 1 || NaNo Day 1: 6038 words :D

I decided to do Julian Files for NaNo 2014 because I have the timeline set and–mostly–right now I just really want to write the past :) Maybe it’s all the MWPP I’ve been reading lately ¬_¬; 981 more words