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More/Fitness Half Marathon

Half Marathon #5 was completed this past Sunday with my best friend Brenda. Truthfully, it was the worst race I can ever remember running. It was unexpectedly hot and we were dehydrated and completely over it from the start. 400 more words

You Spin Me Right Round

A couple of neat shots from the construction site behind my apartment. Clickable for HD Wallpaper.

You Like?

200mm f/13; 20 Secs at ISO 100

200mm f/4; 2.5 Secs at ISO 100


Coetzee Polling Presentation Reality Check

The Times has got hold of some polling slides presented by Nick Clegg’s taxpayer-funded strategist Ryan Coetzee, which give the LibDem leader suspiciously sky high approval ratings: 71 more words


Facts are Sacred: Guardian Grovel For Polly, Again

The Guardian have been forced into a humiliating climb down and apology to former Sun man Richard Caseby, yet again, after Polly went off on one about the new Director of Comms at DWP: 158 more words


(Fitness). Spin Class - Part I

I will publish Part II of this post tomorrow. Part I is focused on the general benefits and fun aspects of spin, while Part II will be a review of a brand spankin’ new spin studio in London called Psycle. 730 more words


Media Spin Cycle

Published in Daily Times on April 6th 2014

Appeasement knows no bounds in Pakistan. The interior ministry has released Taliban prisoners in a “good will” gesture. 758 more words


'Don't freak out': Worried about census changes? Voxplainers to the rescue!

The Juicebox Mafia sure has their work cut out for them!

Earlier today, we were informed that the Census Bureau will be changing the upcoming census survey. 514 more words

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