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What to do on a free weekend?

This weekend my wife has gone to Geneva on a trip to see the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. Whilst I have to admit I am extremely jealous of this, it does give rise to a different phenomenon which in itself occurs about as often as the discovery of dark matter: a weekend home alone! 1,064 more words

This week's cycle class playlist and choreography! (Ride #3)

Check out this super fun 45 minute ride (not including cool down and stretch). I hope you enjoy it, and go get that workout in! No excuses! 341 more words


Saturdays are for spinning, sweet potatoes, and state of affairs

Spin class totally kicked my booty today.

Afterwards I did some weight lifting and a PiYo class. To really be successful at PiYO you need to have the coordination from Zumba combined with the flexibility from yoga. 264 more words

calling... the priorities

Everyday in our lives we are faced with the prioritization puzzle. We have a limited attention span and the clocks have yet to slow down. We need to make difficult choices, all the time. 276 more words


My BFF: Sleep.

I have always been a person who loves sleep. As a kid, I would put myself to bed. If I am tired, I am tired and there is no stopping me from getting to the closest bed, couch, chair, etc. 953 more words


TOP 3. Luetuimmat blogimme

100.000 näytön haamurajan lähestyy, eli myynnin blogille on selvä tilaus!

Jatkossa kirjoittajakuntamme laajentuu. Jatkamme vierasblogaajina SMKJ.n myynti ja markkinointi- sekä Oikotien Työkyöpeli -blogeissa. Järjestämme myös aamutilaisuuksia, joissa voimme jakaa kanssanne näkemyksiä ajankohtaisista myynnin ja johtamisen haasteista. 153 more words