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Popeye’s Spinach Chili

I have always watched Popeye, the animated seaman, with an awed terror.  Anyone willing to engage in fisticuffs with a mammoth goon like Brutus in order to gain the favor of an uncomely shrill such as Olive Oil must be… 452 more words


Marvellous meatless meals

With The Boy at work at the farmer’s market all day, and the husband now off on his new job adventure, Middle Sister and I took the chance to make a couple of our favorite meat-free meals today. 357 more words

Family Life

Spinach dal gravy/massoppu


Masoppu means mashed greens. It is with greens and dals cooked together then ground to paste with spices. When this is tempered becomes a Sambar for rice and without tempering this can be enjoyed as a soup by drizzling some pepper. 188 more words


Food for Healing - A Greener Guacamole Dip

This week’s assignment was to create a veggie dip. And when I think of something to dip chips in, I think of guacamole. But, being in Austria, complicates this craving a bit because here is harder to find good avocados. 81 more words

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Love Your Breakfast!

You’ve heard it a million times before – breakfast is the most important meal of the day…..

We’re all different, some LOVE breakfast and some just cannot even think about eating first thing in the morning. 396 more words

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