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Olive Oyl and Popeye are real sweethearts

Olive Oyl, a popular comic strip character of the 1920s, is named after olive oil… a healthy choice for vinaigrettes. Early newspapers  also featured  Olive’s brother, Castor Oyl, and his wife, Cylinda Oyl… as well as my personal favorite, the intrepid explorer Lubry Kent Oyl. 478 more words


An Indian summer... feast

Read on for an Indian feast fit for a king! After a summer full of meat laden BBQ’s it’s time to rediscover seasonal vegetables and to get creative. 1,338 more words


White Lasagna

About a year ago my husband and I decided to start a journey towards a healthier lifestyle by going vegetarian. To break ourselves into full vegetarians we decided to make the baby step to pescatarian, which means we still eat dairy, eggs and seafood; the children still eat school breakfast and lunch. 365 more words


Popeye Smoothie

Oh, it has been a while since my last post… almost 4 months of gathering recipes here and there and enjoying the summer because before we can realize it winter is stepping in. 365 more words

Juices And Smoothies

Breakfast sandwich

Breakfast sandwich with roasted spinach, mushrooms, eggs and salami is a great way to start a day or to gain energy within one. Great combinations of flavor are enhanced with roasting everything in one pan. 433 more words

T As Tasty

Smoothie Making For Beginners

Smoothies and juices are more than just the new craze, they are an easy way to get an abundance fruits and veggies in one sitting. However, not all flavors are for everyone. 228 more words


Low-Carb "Sheppard's Pie"

I love dishes that have your protein, starch, and veggies all in one. That is exactly what this dish encompasses and its so easy to make. 273 more words

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