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Stem Cell Promise Vindicated

Stem Cell Promise Vindicated

With the publication of Professor Geoff Raisman’s spectacular achievement in repairing  the damaged spinal cord of a Polish knife attack victim in the journal… 1,740 more words

Cranial Or Head Injury

Uniting and Fighting

Oh to have more time to write this blog. Today, however, I’m going to put all other tasks aside to share my thoughts about our fantastic 9th Annual Working 2 Walk Symposium. 385 more words

Hope for spinal injury patients.

Most cells in the body have the capacity to repair and renew. If you injure your skin, you will usually heal. However muscle and nerve cells are unable to repair and replace… 299 more words

Aldo's boot camp to recovery

Less than a year ago, Aldo Vercillo was told he may never walk again. This past week, Aldo and Physiotherapist Matt Sanchez sat down with satellite radio crew “What She Said” to talk about Aldo’s astounding recovery. 111 more words

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A new cure for paralysis?

A man paralyzed after a spinal cord injury is able to walk again after a pioneering new treatment. This news has spread like wildfire this week and it is probably giving many people hope that such a debilitating condition may have a cure. 286 more words

CNS Repair

Shit happens ..... and then?

oops, politically incorrect, crude, unprofessional . Managing our bowel movements is something you and I attend to without much thought or planning …  but for the morning after a very spicy meal or a night on the ‘turps’ (ie; drinking too much alcohol – for you non Aussies) 942 more words

Lets Talk About Sex!

Sex is a wonderful thing! So why does it often feel “wrong” or “weird” to talk about it? Even while reading this article one might hide in a room alone or try to make sure no one else can see that they’re reading about S-E-X. 417 more words

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