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A new cure for paralysis?

A man paralyzed after a spinal cord injury is able to walk again after a pioneering new treatment. This news has spread like wildfire this week and it is probably giving many people hope that such a debilitating condition may have a cure. 286 more words

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Shit happens ..... and then?

oops, politically incorrect, crude, unprofessional . Managing our bowel movements is something you and I attend to without much thought or planning …  but for the morning after a very spicy meal or a night on the ‘turps’ (ie; drinking too much alcohol – for you non Aussies) 942 more words

Lets Talk About Sex!

Sex is a wonderful thing! So why does it often feel “wrong” or “weird” to talk about it? Even while reading this article one might hide in a room alone or try to make sure no one else can see that they’re reading about S-E-X. 417 more words

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Life is a Blessing

I read the following blog post last Thursday, written by Chris Norton, the young man whose story I have the privilege of turning into a book. 421 more words

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That damned LED clock

My eyes opened and I stared at the ceiling. The red LED laser clock told me it was 2 AM. My brain was fried but I’d been woken by a spasm that had travelled from my toes up through my calf and thigh and into my stomach. 343 more words

Spinal-cord Injury

FootPrints SCI Recovery

I am posting this because I believe it is important to always have hope. We are proud of our niece and especially proud of her daughter who was never willing to give up. 28 more words