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falling sand

This world has its cup full
look how the sand is spilling
The journey is long
it is a desert trapped in an endless song… 57 more words

Swimming SOS

This fall I registered my 2.5 yr old daughter in a parented swimming class. The lessons are on Sunday evenings and require us to drive completely across the city. 732 more words

TD 24102014


1h spinning


1h treadmill power walk

1h step training (body weight)


Fresh spinach, prawns, mango, pomegranate, red capsicum, leek, olive oil and sea salt.


Finished Handspun - Fiber Optic Siren Song

Handspun 3 of 3 for Spinzilla.   Eight ounces of Fiber Optic’s Siren Song in two different colors (four ounces each) This is part review/part what I spun. 285 more words


Episode 26 I finally got one uploaded!!!!

I can’t believe it has taken me this long to get a podcast up. I’ve had issues with iMovie and Youtube. Thanks for your patience. As I said in the podcast I will be making a podcast just on health information that goes more in depth now that I know I can make that happen. 11 more words

From Seed to Skein

For the past three summers, I have taken to growing cotton in my backyard. The first year, I threw a handful of cotton seeds into a flowerpot, a la Jack and the Beanstalk, and waited to see if something happened. 322 more words

Shedding fears

The Weaving Heart shed is coming along slowly. I think building sheds must be a little like weaving in that only shed builders fully understand what goes into making one while the rest of us stand around non-plussed at what all the fuss is about and asking ‘why is it taking so long?!?’. 578 more words