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'Supernatural' showrunner confirms spinoff being considered

For those excited about the prospect of a Supernatural spinoff, you have reason to be optimistic.

Supernatural showrunner Jeremy Carver confirmed with Digital Spy that a spinoff of the long-running CW hit is still being considered. 108 more words


Story Two - Episode Fourteen

Hmmmmmm confused? Yes well, fair enough too. So now for a quick recap, when series two began, Solo was discovered deep in a coma. No one knows how it happened and in order for us to find out, the author (me!) had to rent a transporter to go back in time (about a week) to find out how Solo fell into the coma. 1,088 more words


Story Two - Episode Thirteen

Oh oh – You guys are all so bloodthirsty aren’t you? I mean, all of you wanting poor little Pauly to suffer 3rd degree burns (you all know I was talking about his arm don’t you?) gee, when did you all get so vicious? 1,098 more words


Story Two - Episode Twelve

We rejoin our heroes in the living room of the Titanic II. The submarine, which at present is becoming so overcrowded with extra personnel that the Shitsu Tonka Board of Health and Safety are sure to be coming ‘round soon, banging on the door, demanding that their inspection and de-lousing team be let on board. 877 more words


Story Two - Episode Eleven

(PARTY TIME!!! Sorry, not for the story hehehehe, you all must have thought you’d missed a few episodes there! Phew! Don’t panic, DKR is back because the author is now officially on holidays for 6 weeks… so the management would like to announce that DKR will be returning to its normally scheduled timeslot of appearing every one to two days!) 2,081 more words


Story Two - Episode Ten

Bob Downe sat at the table and motioned for Paul, Solo, Tim and Richard to join him.
Solo and Paul sat at either end of the table and glared at each other. 1,296 more words


Story Two - Episode Nine


“Who’s that?” Solo asked.

Tim, Paul and Richard were standing and frantically brushing down each other’s clothes.

“Guys?” Solo asked again.

“Bob Downe’s coming to interview us,” Richard replied. 714 more words