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Image of the Day: 14/7/14

(Photo Credit: ESA/Hubble/NASA/D. Calzetti/the LEGUS Team)

This photograph, captured by the Hubble Space Telescope, shows the nearby spiral galaxy, NGC 1433. Located around 32 million light-years from Earth, NGC 1433 is a Seyfert galaxy, a type of galaxy classification that accounts for only 10% of all galaxies. 90 more words


Seven new dwarf galaxies discovered

(The seven galaxies pictured surrounding the Pinwheel Galaxy – Photo Credit: Yale University)

Using a new, unique type of telescope, Yale University astronomers have discovered seven dwarf galaxies that surround M101, the well-known Pinwheel Galaxy.  523 more words

Outside Our Solar System

Teachers have a choice…

Choosing the spiral galaxy metaphor

If we choose to act as spiral-galaxy teachers, we can activate energy in our students. When we visualize them as dual-foci beings, we raise our consciousness to look beyond appearances into the real selves before us. 336 more words


Spiral galaxies give life

Taking a view from the cosmos…

Some days we find ourselves swirling amid epiphanies, momentary insights, or revealed truths. We see a resistant student suddenly proclaiming her grasp of a concept that had eluded both her and her classmates. 289 more words


Image of the Day: 16/6/14

(Photo Credit: ESA/NASA/Hubble/ R. Buta)

The Hubble Space Telescope has captured another amazing picture, this time of the golden rings of distant galaxy, NGC 3081, alongside an assortment of glittering galaxies which are visible in the background.


Messier 100, Spiral Galaxy

Frames :  7 x Lum x 10m, 2 x Lum x 15m,  3 x Red x 10 m, 3 x Red x 12m, 2 x G x 10m, 4 x G x 12m, 3 x B x 12m