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Sombrero Galaxy, hubble image.

Sombrero Galaxy


This is a spiral galaxy seen nearly edge-on. The dark band across the center is the result of material in the flat disk of the galaxy obscuring the light of stars and gas behind it. 43 more words

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Spiral Galaxy, Hubble image



M74, also called NGC 628, is a stunning example of a “grand-design” spiral galaxy that is viewed by Earth observers nearly face-on. Its perfectly symmetrical spiral arms emanate from the central nucleus and are dotted with clusters of young blue stars and glowing pink regions of ionized hydrogen. 28 more words

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Meet Andromeda, a spiral Galaxy.


Adromeda a spiral galaxy, we can see the light it emitted 2.5 million years ago.

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Hubble Peers at the Heart of NGC 5793

NASA – This new Hubble image is centered on NGC 5793, a spiral galaxy over 150 million light-years away in the constellation of Libra. 201 more words

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#EyeCandy - Whirlpool Galaxy: A Classic Beauty.

M51, whose name comes from being the 51st entry in Charles Messier’s catalog, is considered to be one of the classic examples of a spiral galaxy. 178 more words


Video: Hubble Spots Spiral Galaxy Being Torn Apart

The Hubble Space telescope imaged spiral galaxy ESO 137-001 being violently torn apart as it made its way through the Norma Cluster (ACO 3627).