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Feeding the lies

I feel like such a fraud when I tag an entry with “eating disorder”. With every bite I put in my mouth I curse my lack of will power and my lack of resolve. 128 more words

Spoken word entitled SPIRALING

*this poem is meant for spoken word and therefore has odd grammar and text sizing in order to emphasize the voice of the poem.*

Spiraling… 175 more words

Where The Fuck Am I...And How Do I Get Out!?!!

This is the darkest of darks. Have never been here. Don’t even know where I am. This is even different than the place I dwelled for 3 years after trying to ‘check out’ at 14. 874 more words



So today I spent 12 hours at orientation for my new internship that starts Monday. By 3:00, my anxiety started to creep, by the time I got off the metro, my head was about to explode. 291 more words

Mi Vida Loca