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A Winter Weekend Escape continues in 3D . Day 2

DAY 2 SATURDAY  24 January to  DAY 3 SUNDAY 25 January

INSPIRATIONAL FILM VIEWING                                                                  At Screen with the Green 

Updated from C12th. a ‘natural’ thriller. Beautiful  3D, silent movie.     285 more words

Warm Winds

16 x 12 acrylic on panel canvas

This is one of my favorite pieces that I’ve done so far. I feel like I say that about everything, but whatever I make my own rules, haha. 215 more words


Practice - Parivrtta Adho Mukha Svanasana (Revolved Downward Facing Dog)

= ‘revolved’   adho = ‘downward’ from the Sanskrit word adhas meaning ‘down’   mukha = face   svana = ‘dog’   asana = ‘posture’, or ‘seat’

Downward Facing Dog… 936 more words

dissolving details

I had a migraine all day Wednesday, possibly because of the snow. I’m hoping I’ll feel better enough Thursday (or even Friday), when it’s supposed to be 40 degrees — I’ve got errands to run. 1,290 more words



They say that all great writers use Moleskine notebooks, but  Moleskine paper it is too sensitive.  It tears after every mistake.  It is academic in its lack of forgiveness.  241 more words

joyful labors

I went to bed at 7:30 PM last night. Slept deeply until 12:30 AM, when Spouse came to bed, when I woke up enough to realize things were on the top of my mind that wanted to be thought about. 433 more words


Spiral Art Therapy - Day Eleven

It’s always really lovely when people come to visit. Like Day Eleven of the 100 Happy Days Project, when my friend came to hang out with me and make crazy spinning top pen art. 9 more words

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