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Behind the Leaves

Smoke of Sin Crow written in the trees.

Wind stops, trees revert to their nature.

Sin Crow reveals that which is hidden behind the leaves. 96 more words

Hunted, Chapter 10: Glengavin

Last time on Hunted, Conor and Rollan escaped from Truswick with Finn’s party’s help. Will they finally find someone in Eura who supports the Greencloaks? 727 more words

Spirit Animals

Return from the woods...

Well I’m back from my 3.5 days of Maine bliss! ¬†Been back for over a week now in fact, but had crits on Friday so this weekend’s been a luxurious sort of decompression from the stress that set in almost as soon as I crossed back over the MA border. ¬† 433 more words

The Universe Speaks

My Spirit Animal

Today, as I was sitting on my bed browsing through Facebook, I realized something; brown bears.

I love them.

And, it’s not just any type of love. 156 more words

In The Pack Of Life, I Am A Vital Omega.

As a woman working for the health of The Mater,

I am an animal advocate. It is in my blood. I practice shamanic journeying, dancing (even with cancer and in my wheelchair) and singing. 1,299 more words

Hunted, Chapter 9: Escape

Last time on Hunted, Finn’s party arrived in Trunswick, and discovered that Zerif formed a Four Token Band of his very own. Will this rival party annoy our protagonists over the course of the series, or will they be totally forgotten after this book? 401 more words

Spirit Animals

Spirit Animal

I’m pretty sure everyone has a spirit animal. Some cooler than others, but deep down we all have one.

I hadn’t given it any thought, and therefore had no clue, which animal I was until spending time out West. 993 more words

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