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While 73 Questions is plenty, I’m crossing my fingers that the single season with six episodes expands soon. ASAP, preferably. All unedited single-take videos, you get a rapid fire of tiny light and playful insights through nearly one-word answers, as well as an intimate look into (currently, almost exclusively) TV and film personalities’ homes – and favorite pubs as well, evidently. 367 more words


Hunted, Chapter 17: Battle

Last time on Hunted, everyone not named Conor or Finn found Rumfuss — and by “everyone” I also mean “Devin, Karmo, and a bunch of Conquerors.” Will Devin finally become an annoying recurring boss? 189 more words

Spirit Animals

The Animal Inside

So it seems it’s not that easy for two writers to ALWAYS be in sync…especially when life changes and growing pains are pulling in opposite directions. 1,213 more words


Spirit Animals: De utvalgte

De utvalgte er første bok i en planlagt serie på syv bøker som allerede har tatt helt av i USA. Det spesielle med disse fantasy bøkene er at samtidig som du leser boka kan du spille et… 347 more words


Hunted, Chapter 16: Rumfuss

Last time on Hunted, Conor found MacDonnell’s hare, but it bolted before Conor could convince it to reunite with its owner. Will Conor take some conflict resolution courses in the future? 298 more words

Spirit Animals

Hunted, Chapter 15: The Hare

Last time on Hunted, Conor struck a deal with MacDonnell, and Rollan and Meilin saved Abeke. Will they finally find the McGuffin? Find out after the cut. 220 more words

Spirit Animals

Hunted, Chapter 14: Hunting

Last time on Hunted, the party failed to gain MacDonnell’s permission to search for Rumfuss on his property, and Finn discovered that Abeke went missing. 341 more words

Spirit Animals