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Something I Never Expected…

While surfing Youtube for New Moon ritual videos – just ideas and stuff – I came across a short guided meditation for finding your spirit animal guide… 383 more words

Exploring Spirituality

Blood Ties, Chapter 8: The Jungle Path

Last time on Blood Ties, everyone not named Meilin was introduced to Lishay, their Greencloak contact. Will they finally find the MacGuffin? Find out after the cut. 390 more words

Spirit Animals

Tongue o das Spider

Fear and folklore of the spider
and things the eyes believe.
A sense of truth is far behind
and senses do deceive.
In this temple, those that pray… 671 more words

Spirit Animals

Ode to an Octopus...

On of the supporting characters in By Way of Wind and Water’ is little orange octopus named Little Mother. She is a quirky, wise foster mother for my main, young male character. 168 more words


Poem: Chickadee, chickadee

Hello again
chickadee, chickadee,
my city bird 
jumping for joy
on the windowsill
of my kitchen.
Did you come for
a coffee?
Wanna come in? 71 more words


Spirits Of Strength And Honour

Those of you that know my friend Marcus from high in the woods, know what a powerfully gifted artist he is, as well as just a damn good human being. 263 more words

Images And Words

Blood Ties, Chapter 7: Two Tigers

Last time on Blood Ties, Meilin finally found someone else roaming around the Great Bamboo Maze. Will she finally reach Zhong? Find out after the cut. 412 more words

Spirit Animals