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Spirit Animals WILD BORN (the first in the series) should be made into a movie. I admit it, as a grown man, I read Spirit Animals… 744 more words

Spirit Animals

Blood Ties, Chapter 14: Hope

Last time on Blood Ties, Abeke and Conor finally found the banana gourds. Will they be able to return to the Tergesh on time to save Rollan? 171 more words

Spirit Animals

Murder of Crows

Walking sin, Crow made his way

Rough roads, sullen black pits of mud

Threaten me, my soul to sink

Lurkers on the threshold

Wild eyes watch from above… 231 more words

Spirit Animals

List of the Gods and Their Spirit Animals

It is important to note that there are in fact countless gods, most of which, obviously, whose names are long forgotten. In addition, they each have countless names and titles. 1,181 more words


The New Rectangle

The old rectangle turned out to be a pretty good idea. Take a stack of papers, imprint each one, on both sides, with words and pictures, bind it all up, and sell it at a reasonable price.  1,002 more words


Boys and Business Don't Mix Well.

The next day I went for a run to clear my head. I had slept well and long but it was only thanks to the dope, not because i had anything close to peace of mind. 735 more words


Animal Spirit Guide - Sacred Crocodile - Supreme Meditator

Earth magic,
crocodile has the secret.

The possessor crocodile can be,
the healer he is.

Don’t be deceived,
crocodile is a spiritual being.

Metaphysical Keywords – Alligator / Crocodile Animal Spirit… 431 more words