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White Rabbit's Eye

Prize in claw, Rotten Crow fled

Smiling, grinning beak

Opened wide to carry

The Eye of White Rabbit

When he reached a safe perch

He honored the world with a short victory dance… 135 more words

Blood Ties, Chapter 4: Secret Signals

Last time on Blood Ties, everyone not named Meilin successfully reached Xin Kao Dai, but ran into some Conqueror guards. Will Rollan’s impromptu distraction work? 304 more words

Spirit Animals

get them here

The card deck that fulfills every desire, putting the “woo” in woo-woo and the “sigh” in science. Don’t be afraid to click on the alpaca.


Our Saving Grace

Spirit animals, what are they for?

Their luscious long fur or their ferocious claws?

You may hear them wandering through the day or the night, 79 more words


Critters in Literature: Elephants

It’s time for another journey to celebrate our spirit animals! Last time, I wrote about turtles in fiction. Today, I’m taking us round the world, to the Serengeti, the Savannah, and to the subtropics of India. 715 more words

Reading Life

Chtulu, Spirit Animal

Jaws clenched, I allow the world. Open wide and the chasm of my soul tears it to pieces. Wider still and I tear apart. My jaw rips from the seams. 291 more words

Things that I like right now

It’s Friday afternoon and you’re looking for a diversion at work….

Unbroken: People are tough. And by people I mean Olympic miler Louis Zamperini. I’m halfway through the book and it’s really spectacular what those guys had to endure. 77 more words