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Helpful beings around you

We are going to just remind you that you are never alone, that there are so many of us in this oneness together, there are so many energies and beings who are around you at all times but just beyond your view – but always there for you. 45 more words

Daily Quote


I do no know how many voices I have in my head.  I know they consist of people both alive and dead as well as those other people would say never existed. 337 more words

Raven spirit guide

Image from Diana Martin Studio at etsy.com — “More Than A Legend”

Ravens are the largest songbird in North America.  Ravens are often referred to by some indigenous tribes as the ‘secret keepers’ and are the subject of many stories.   329 more words

Native American

Algebra vs. Intuition

I am torn on this.

It is hard convincing my kids that they need to learn algebra in school. They are often frustrated with math. 163 more words



So I began to meditate and asked out loud the universe to show me my very next step and who I am and where I should be focusing. 193 more words


Being Obedient

Sometimes I wonder why many have an inherent trait to be stubborn.  Knowing the things that are good for you, yet deliberately delaying the process. 347 more words


Smoke Apparition

He walked into the forest and in the solitude he found himself.

Smoke Apparition