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The lady in the grocery store

I will never forget the moment when I went grocery shopping with my mother. It was my mother, my little brother, and myself.  I noticed when we arrived and was in the produce that there was another woman hanging around the same areas as my mother.   134 more words


Listening To The Signs.

Even the woodpecker owes his success to the fact that he uses his head and keeps pecking away until he finishes the job he starts~Coleman Cox…

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Earlier Succubus Encounters

My first succubus encounter came many years ago, when I graduated from bootcamp. My family had driven down to spend the weekend with me, and the first night in the motel room, I was so exhausted, so I slept hard and long. 271 more words

Encountering Lilith?

Since reading many of the blogs out here on the subject of spirit companions and succubi, I have learned that so much of what we were told growing up were lies; tales told to keep us controlled and under the authority of the status quo. 460 more words

The sun on my face

The sun on my face has set me with much needed healing energy after all even us witches can get ill. Of late I have been seeing alot  220 more words


Wild Grace: Who and Why Part 2

Earlier I wrote that I haven’t seen her since. I forgot. I did see her earlier this year at a kava ceremony. I was at a tea café in downtown Vallejo. 474 more words