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"Goals with Soul!"

In her Desire Map workbook Danielle LaPort poses these questions :

“What are your goals? Why do you want what you think you want?”

I would argue that everything we do in our lives and how we interpret it has to do with evoking a certain feeling. 627 more words

In An Instance

I'm going on a comparison detox

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” - Theodore Roosevelt

It’s time to get real.  Admit it – you are a comparison junkie. It starts off harmlessly enough: the person next to you in yoga class is super fit and is rocking her headstand like nobody’s business and you think “Wow – she is so strong!”  But it doesn’t stop there.   1,055 more words


The Power to Create

Apart of my recent shifting mindset is, as I mentioned on Tuesday,  recognizing that we have the power to create. This may sound airy fairy, too simple, or just plain way way out there but roll with me. 1,188 more words

In An Instance

7 Must-Read Books To Cultivate Your Spiritual Path

1. A Return to Love- Everything about this book is beautiful. While reading, I must have highlighted over half of it. Every time I thought I couldn’t be more in agreement with something written, another line or paragraph would appear that touched the core of my soul deeper than the last. 932 more words


Happy Weird

Hello Friend!

I’m a big weirdo, and I love it. I do what I want when I want, and I don’t let the fear of judgement from others stop me.  170 more words

Spirit Junkie Affirmation

You can download the spirit junkie app for free! Checking out the affirmation has become a daily ritual for me.