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Discernment and Mediumship

Yesterday I wrote a post, while I was typing I became aware that a spirit was with me and expressed their anger through me in some of the writing. 1,010 more words

Sylvia Browne on Children


Sylvia Browne in her book The Other Side: How I Know What I Know
A quoted piece from her book…
I do thank The Sixth Sense movie for the memory and well-done portrait of life through the eyes of a psychic child. 328 more words


'Kindergarten Class With Madre Ayahuasca' and Other Poems

When I did my first dieta in the Peruvian Amazon in November 2010, I started writing poems. The following poem came out of that dieta… 1,432 more words


FAITH 101 Lesson 9: Drugs are Witchcraft


It was years ago when I read a preacher’s autobiography about his journey to Christ.  (It was written by Brother Larry Booker – now a pastor – in a book titled “The Journey of a Lifetime”.)  He was a hippie during the 1960s and heavily involved in the drug world.   1,063 more words


How You Can Talk to Heaven, Part Two

How You Can Talk to Heaven, Part Two
(Excerpt taken from Psychic Integrity)

(You can find Part One by clicking here.
~~Hold on to your seats, cause here we go! 3,394 more words

Spirit Guides

The Cover of Darkness

In the cosy, slightly gothic living room of the house by the sea, she tells me about them. Late at night, after we’ve shared some red wine, or after I’ve come home from seeing friends in the local pub. 344 more words


Walking in Dreamland

I had wandered for hours through Dreamland -

tired – lost and confused – until
one of my guides found me and took my hand… 118 more words