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You Are Your Greatest Gift

“Man is a universe within himself” -Bob Marley

No matter what you are going through or how hard things may seem, we all tend to seek, even in secret sometimes, that greater force out there in the universe that can help us and guide us to better days. 103 more words



Last night, coming home on the train, I was thinking about the choices we make.  How we can choose to acknowledge the beauty and hope in life or not; how we can choose to see beyond what our senses tell us is real or not; how we can have faith or not.   348 more words

Finding Your Top Three Values

Here’s an interesting exercise that can help you find your top three values in life. I’ve worked with different methods of finding my “core values” over the years, and they all have some value (so to speak), but this one gave me a chuckle, and proved to be very insightful. 240 more words


Drag It Through The Muck Till It's Dead - Stairway to Heaven - And Other Tales Of Plagiarism

In my first post, I’m going to be writing about something which has been bothering me for a while, which is the subject of 70’s rock giants Led Zeppelin’s alleged plagiarism. 8,296 more words

Jimmy Page

Gaining freedom from an "orphan heart" (podcast)

On this talk show:  How to recognize if you have an “orphan spirit” or “orphan heart” and how to freedom from the lies you’ve believed! (Walker Moore) 12 more words


Spirituality In Small Things

Sometimes we try too hard. It’s possible to try so hard to “work a good program” that we forget to relax and be us. We forget that the world has many things to offer in the way of both material and spiritual sustenance, but when we take the time to look around we see not only opportunities for improvement, but also ways to enjoy ourselves that support our recovery rather than our addictions.


the turning point - that delicious moment

Poetry that does not rhyme

is still worth the time

. . . . the turning point, the inflection point . . . . when the pain and the sorrow having reached a peak of intensity, are spent .

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