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Staying connected in difficult times

When we face times of difficulty and adversity we seek clarity and connection but don’t always find what we are looking for. As we desperately look for answers to help us understand and lead us in the right direction what we often need to do is take pause and listen. 443 more words


Rising from the Seeds of Vulnerability

A remarkable beauty is born when word-woven experiences strike deep chords of soul resonance. Here’s to the brilliant flowering that rises from the seeds of vulnerable sharing.

A.E. Irwin

FAQ 44


Reading your blog, I got a question. You say Geku(外宮)of Ise Grand Shrine(伊勢神宮)is connected to the Original God. I think it means Japan is a rare country on this planet. 282 more words


"Soft is Stronger than Hard"

Part of my job responsibilities as a product manager for a Technology company involved making periodic trips to different regions of the world to visit with electronics manufacturers who were using our test equipment in their factories. 836 more words


Happy Trails

The other day, I wrote about my gift of roses that I received after my husband’s death.  Many people think they were a sign from my him but I believe they were from my mother.   502 more words

New Lady Spirits and Experiences

This may be a long post to bear with me. I have a lot to tell of what has happened. From dreams to spiritual/supernatural events, to my experiences there would be many posts if I broke them down individually. 1,352 more words


Scribe for "L"


Jannie Vaught

Today five years after my first meeting with the Ancient One and the other 5 L’s. I find it remarkable to even think such a weird experience could happen. 581 more words