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How one becomes undone.....

“The shadow-past is shaped by everything that never happened. Invisible, it melts the present like rain through karst. A biography of longing. It steers us like magnetism, a spirit torque. 34 more words


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Finished Pieces

Spirit and Soul

Unify spirit and soul and inner harmony will follow.

source: Tao Te Ching
image: Bing/images/Celestial Dance


The people were put upon this world to learn of themselves and of their brothers and sisters. We are these People. We are the Fallen Star. 56 more words

Turtle - Medicine Wheel Stone Number 33

Return to Mother Earth for the basics: grounding, patience, humbleness and nurturing love. Develop new ideas and refresh yourself with this reconnection. She can cultivate them appropriately. 65 more words

New Beginnings

“In the beginning it is always dark.  The mind thinks (and leads us to believe) that this darkness is forever.  But the body can feel the light, and as soon as it’s allowed, will always grow toward it.  

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How to practice patience - visiting the Doctor's surgery

Today I decided to test my resolve to consciously choose a patient mindset. Far be it from me to do things the easy way though – I went straight to the ultimate Olympic-level patience-testing environment. 304 more words

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