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A Haircut

My daughter (age two and a half) has beautiful curly blonde hair. It’s very thick for her age but, as is common in little people, it didn’t grow in evenly yet. 226 more words

Spirited Child

Keepin' It Real.

I’m not here to tell you how to be a mother.
I’m not going to debate whether boob or formula, cloth or disposable, Baby Mozart or Mickey Mouse Club House. 273 more words


Gratuitous Halloween Photo

I never got a magical, internet worthy photo of my kids in their Halloween costumes. I snapped this while waiting for the elevator at my office building where we went at the request of the building management secretary. 170 more words

Life And Home

Introduction of some sort.

I have spent the past year of my life pondering the idea of starting a blog based off my own personal experiences. It wasn’t until today, a cold and snowy Sunday in November ,that I decided to make that thought a reality. 222 more words


Just Breathe...

A quick and refreshing celebratory blog post that only some of you will understand….

Ever wonder if your diligent, exhausting parenting work will ever pay off? 205 more words



A neighbor told me their son (same age as mine, oddly enough) had outgrown their swing set and would we like it? It sat next to our house for months, waiting to be assembled. 372 more words

Sensory Processing