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Death Bed Agony - It may not be what it seems

We have all witnessed, in movies at least, the scenes of an agonizing death, one that we wished could be cut short for the poor person experiencing horrible last minutes on earth. 497 more words


Feeling sorry for yourself for being poor? It may be a good thing!

There are certainly advantages to possessing money. The ability to work at what you desire, buy needed materials goods, be more charitable, all quite reasonable and no impediment for being a good Spiritist. 488 more words


The Spirit World Encourages Scientific Advances

Promotion of Scientific Advances

The goal of Spiritism is to bring together Religion, Philosophy and Science. Science is one of the legs to bring the world into a higher Spiritual sphere. 408 more words


The Perfect Process to Weed out Imperfection

(The Spirit’s Realm Brilliant Method to make us Productive Spirits)

What is the process to turn our raw souls into production spirits? How are we molded, scolded, and cajoled into conformance, while retaining our personal identity? 46 more words


The Gathering of the Departing

“…their Covens and Fleets have rhythm and pattern. This running together and running of all to a centre and yet without loss of identity, has been prepared for by their exploration of their moral life, of its beneficiaries and its victims, and even of all its untrodden paths, and all their thoughts have moulded the vehicle and become event and circumstance.”—W.

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Useful Spiritualist Concepts

Seara Fraterna - Spiritual Center in Rio de Janeiro

We were able to visit a Spiritual Center, while in Rio de Janeiro. They started in January, 1954 in a person’s house. They were able to rent a location in 1972, and ten years later they bought the building pictured below. 240 more words


Why We Must Go Through Multiple Trials on Earth

Reincarnation is an accepted process for Spiritists. The need to atone for your sins in the next life is well-known. But there are other reasons for re-birth as well, the spirit Andre Luiz delves deeper into the need for varied experiences and sheds light on the complexities in our learning here on earth in two of his books, Missionaries of the Light and Workers of the Life Eternal, both psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier. Read More.