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He Was Real

Sometimes when someone comes into your life and fills it up with Sunshine

I took him for granted perhaps, although I don’t think so

My love for him was true and never did I imagine that the angels would call for him too soon… 111 more words

Spirits & Ghosts

Illusion - Dellusion

When the lions are out of their cages, the night has not one star and I am alone with you, all I can do to stay alive is take deep breaths. 411 more words

Coming Undone

Personal Open Letter

I come from a family of two: my father and I. Pop psychiatry would say that this explains why I married into a huge family. They might be right. 1,762 more words

Spirits & Ghosts

Surrounded by Vampires, it is no Wonder that I am Anemic

I am surrounded by Vampires, people who take and take without ever thinking of giving anything back.  They drain my blood and leave me weak and without any strength to care for myself.   350 more words

Coming Undone

Father's Day 2014

Dear Dad,

It has been four years, one month and eleven days since you left the pain and found peace.  Each and every day has been a struggle for me to move forward without you.   675 more words