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All Alone

Promises made; never kept
I should not be surprised
Or hurt.
Trying to be – stronger

I trusted, I tried.

Foolish little girl still wandering in an ill-fitting woman’s body… 215 more words

Spirits & Ghosts

Past Redemption

Each day I am living the past again, this time I have the power to change the outcome.

I could not save my father from the torture of his illness, wrath of genetics and the fight against the force of her evil. 682 more words

Spirits & Ghosts

Shayla escapes from a controlling Psychic.

This is a lengthy testimony from a YouTube friend of mine. It’s worth reading, as the detail and conversations convey how she fell under the manipulation and control of a Psychic. 11,640 more words


Horror Classic

The climax of the horror movie stretched from early April until the middle of May. Each year I dread the coming of Spring, for each year it gets worse. 722 more words

Spirits & Ghosts


The words that fall out of my head are not making any sense; they are a collection of letters and symbols clustered together. Instead of music, each person is playing the wrong instrument and the symphony is nothing but loud angry noise. 709 more words

Spirits & Ghosts


In the days when I was growing up there used to be photos of children and the caption: HAVE YOU SEEN MARY ALICE?”. The carton would list all of the important information: date of birth, whee she was last seen, what she was wearing and a little biography. 136 more words

Spirits & Ghosts


There is actually an occurrence far worse than reliving your own past; it is having a true second chance but this time the consequences are with another persons life. 168 more words

Spirits & Ghosts