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Moving On | A Poem

Let me tell you of her,

Forsake small understanding;

She is the sun after the rain is gone,

the smile after tears have fallen,

food for my soul. 89 more words


Delusions ― 妄

Sorry, but this is a vent kinda post :3

I’m pretty sure most of you guys with spirit lovers can (or could at some stage) relate to these thoughts/doubts. 242 more words


Calling Out: Dax Holt with co-host Dr. Drew Pinsky

This is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, and my beautiful Husband, Dr. Drew Pinsky, is a Cancer survivor.

Check out PFC.org - the Prostate Cancer Foundation website, to see how you can save your man’s life. 85 more words

Comedy And Entertainment Podcasts

Discovering Canada's Wine (and Spirits) Country

It may not have the year-round sunshine of California, but Canada has a proud local wine industry. Despite the nation’s chilly reputation, the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia enjoys warm summers and nurtures almost 10,000 acres of vineyards. 960 more words



I’ve always found quarters in strange places. I bought a new car there was a quarter in the glove compartment. I look through old boxes, there’s a quarter at the bottom. 195 more words


Ganzfeld: Blindfolding Your Way to Vision

There is one toy/technique I love, that I don’t use nearly enough: The Ganzfeld procedure. For those unfamiliar with it I’ll explain it briefly, and if you’re curious I’d recommend a bit of time with google for more detailed instructions. 910 more words



I admit, I did want you.

And yet, I rejected you; not because you were not beautiful, no. You were (are) achingly beautiful: Detailed, and perfect. 745 more words