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Spirits of air

I have mixed feelings about the autumn. Crisp and colourful autumns can be delightful, but the years where storms tear the leaves off early, and the damp, grey autumns I find tough. 200 more words


Strange Phenomena Investigations (SPI) Scotland

Strange Phenomena Investigations was founded in 1979 by Malcolm Robinson.  He and Willy Devlin investigated many strange and inexplicable cases.  Today, 35 years later, SPI is still going!   99 more words


Edgar knew that she could see him. She tried to act as if she couldn’t, looking everywhere apart from the vacant place in which he stood. 395 more words

Spiritualism: a Haunting Pastime

Whenever I explain Steampunk to the uninitiated I always find that I have to say, “oh yeah, and also…” at least 4 times to try to encompass everything the genre/aesthetic can cover. 512 more words


Life in a Haunted House

We never get any trick-or-treaters. I can tell myself that it’s because we’re the only house on a dead-end street and surely, being off the beaten path is part of the problem. 1,047 more words

Life can be like a Shekere.... SHAKE IT UP!!!!!

August 3 ·

I take no blame for the fact that the food in my next video really and truly WILL HAVE YOU LICKING SOMETHING….. 211 more words

Q is for Question Everything

Seriously question fucking EVERYTHING!!!!

Question the status quo, because it’s not ‘just how it’s done’, because the wheel doesn’t have to be reinvented every time but you need to understand what you’re doing before you can change it.. 191 more words

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