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Four myths that some Christians currently believe about Adventism, pt. 2

The second part of this blog post will examine two more reasons that I often hear Christians give for why they perceive Adventism to be a benign (albeit strange) Christian denomination.  2,115 more words

Stupid Stuff I Did at My Former Church

I am sure that if you were to ask people at our former church what I could have done differently, one of the top responses would be that I should have kept my mouth shut. 890 more words

The Techniques of a Sexual Predator

Posted at Challies.com:

“Offenders don’t usually rush through grooming but instead take the time to develop relationships with the members of a church community. In order to win over the adults and become an accepted part of the church, they put on a persona of being useful, kind, …helpful, polite, and caring to adults and children alike.” 86 more words

Wolves In Sheep's Clothing

How to be a Spiritually Abusive Pastor and Get Away With It

Several years ago, my friend, Dorothy, was a member of a church in which the pastor stalked, bullied, shamed, and publicly preached about her. She left that church a long time ago, but the pastor is still there. 1,685 more words


Time goes by
People keep going
I keep falling

Hearts are beating
People are living
I am existing

Time stands still
No one sees
I’m barely alive… 11 more words

Abuse Survivor

Death Row

Nobody likes to talk about suicide, most everyone demonizes the act. People are drawn towards it for many reasons, mostly emotional breaks. I don’t feel as though I can judge. 974 more words

Child Abuse

Preacher abuse videos

A few years ago I came across this animation made in 2011. For those who have experienced spiritual abuse from a cult, the language of the preacher in these videos may seem all too familiar.