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So...it would seem the abusive pastor, may have been told to 'move on'.

A little anonymous dicky bird, has let me know that they have heard, the abusive pastor who abused me has been told by people above – to move to another church, due to concerns that I have enough evidence and support from witnesses, to take legal action against him, which will damage the Baptist Church’s reputation too much. 194 more words

The only positive, an abuser moving away = I don't have to see him anymore.

It does show my heart, that when I read that an abuser pastor, had been promoted, that my first deep emotions were deep distress at the thought of him abusing more people and another whole church. 246 more words

Dear (Hypocritical) Pastor Number 7:

Remember me Pastor D?
I was the single mom
divorced from a gay man
sitting in one of your pews
my children beside me
listening to your views… 259 more words

Mental Health

One single person, cannot beat a corrupt, twisted religious establishment.

I have accepted this. Not in accepting how corrupt and how psychologically twisted many religious establishments are.

I have researched enough to know, this goes on far too much within churches and religious organisations. 132 more words

I am really angry and I have a right to be. It is righteous anger.

I was abused by an associate church pastor. I did what was needed and told others, others who needed to know.

The only reason a formal investigation occurred, was because I had the guts to post the truth on this blog. 804 more words

Resources for Survivors

by Naomi

It has been quite awhile since we have had the opportunity to post on Against Calvary Temple. Our personal responsibilities of jobs, college, business and family are increasingly demanding, and unfortunately keep us from putting the time and energy into voicing our objections to Calvary Temple’s cultic practices. 403 more words

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