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Seeker -- Finder -- Seeker

Years ago, people used to say the word “seeker” for those who chose not to be affiliated with a church. At first that sounded like a good term to me, since I thought of people who are seeking God, or who are seeking a faith community of some kind in which to belong. 246 more words

Nurturing Generous Living

God and Mammon

Before I start this post, a quick apology or proviso of sorts: in my last post, I held up typical Christian children’s books as an example of flawed “Christian” culture.  1,035 more words


The Jesus Ghetto

Religion in the United States isn’t doing so hot; study after study finds “unaffiliated” to be the fastest-growing religious belief here, especially among young people like (technically, sorta) myself.  1,072 more words


Spiritual but not Religious: the Church of Whale and Redwood

We listened to the preliminaries while still outside the sacred space, the sanctuary.  About 35 people had shown up ranging in age from eight to mid-70’s. 1,154 more words


I'm Spiritual, But Not Religious

Like most people, I have my list of pet peeves. I own an ever expanding compilation of things and habits that just get under my skin and bother me. 920 more words

Episode II: Shredding


Recently in the Patheos webpage this article entitled “I Want My Religion  Back You can Keep the Ugly Baggage.”  You should read it.


The article is written from within the Christian tradition.  520 more words

Faith's endangered habitat

American Christianity is in numerical decline – no news to the inhabitants of graying churches. According to a recent survey by the Pew Research Center, 20% of the population has no religious affiliation. 903 more words