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Broken Symbols and Excess of Awareness

After my re-reading of Fowler’s Stages of Faith, I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of broken symbols. I first encountered this when I read Paul Tillich’s… 1,339 more words

The point we've been missing

A friend posted a link to a recent NY Times article on books addressing the growing Spiritual but not religious segment. Writing a recent memoir has made me think a lot about Christiian community, and specifically, the communities that raised me, formed me and continue to support me. 474 more words


The latest on the "spiritual but not religious"

Mark Oppenheimer in today’s New York times:

At the very least, we might conclude that “spiritual but not religious” isn’t necessarily vague or wishy-washy. It’s not nothing, although it may risk being everything.

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Taking People Seriously

Last year, I did a small series of posts about Lillian Daniel’s book, When Spiritual But Not Religious is Not Enough, which can be found on the very excellent… 1,068 more words

The Problem With Being "Ecclesiastical"

Ecclesiastical is a coined term. It refers to a person who takes a bit of each religion/denomination and creates one that is suitable for them. Sounds harmless, right? 825 more words

Real Medz

Spiritual but not religious? God in the sunset?

“I’m spiritual but not religious.” – I must say this phrase has always annoyed me. It is not that I have no sympathy towards those who have problems with “religion” or the church. 798 more words

'Spiritual, but not religious'

Listening to radio 4 in the car on the way to church at 08.50 this morning there was a 10 minute opinion piece on the question of people who identify as… 383 more words