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Spiritual darkness

In the thirteenth century spiritual darkness fell for a time upon all human beings, even the most enlightened, and also upon the initiates. Whatever knowledge of the spiritual worlds existed in the thirteenth century came from tradition or from men who in still earlier times had been initiates and were able to call up memories of what they had then experienced. 181 more words


Balancing the Soul and Spirit

Our spirit, the third entity of our existence (body, soul, spirit), is originally dead in sin, until we repent and come to Christ as our Savior. 492 more words

Union With Christ

The treasures of darkness

When I was a young child, I was afraid of the dark. Actually, it wasn’t the dark I feared; I was afraid of what was… 1,105 more words


99¢ kindle deal: Today Only: Beyond Head Knowledge Knowing Christ who Satisfies our Hearts

Do you long to know God in a deeper way? Ever question what makes your Christian faith different than that of other religions? Or do you ever struggle with a sense of spiritual darkness? 212 more words


He Who Walks Toward the Sun Never Travels in Shadows

By Russell DeLong

The first utterance attributed to God is recorded in the story of creation — “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. 865 more words