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Helpful Meditations on Death and Penance (The Spiritual Combat)

Thoughts on Death:  Every moment of our lives we stand on the brink of eternity

Twelve advantages to be derived from the contemplation of death… 1,717 more words

Wisdom Of The Saints

Final Spiritual Combat: Various Illusions (The Spiritual Combat)

Concerning the various illusions employed by the devil at the hour of our death

If our persistent foe, who never ceases to persecute us, should assail us disguised as an angel of light, stand firm and steadfast even though cognizant of your own nothingness, and say to him boldly: “Return, miserable one into your realms of darkness; for I am unworthy of visions, nor do I need anything but the mercy of my Saviour, and the prayers of Mary, Joseph and all the Saints.” 177 more words

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Final Spiritual Combat: Vainglory (The Spiritual Combat)

Concerning temptation to vainglory

The third assault is that of vainglory and presumption. Dread nothing so much as yielding in the least way to an exalted opinion of your person or your good works. 193 more words

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Final Spiritual Combat: Despair (The Spiritual Combat)

Concerning the assault of despair and its remedy 

The second assault by which the perverse one attempts our destruction is the terror which he would infuse into our minds at the recollection of our past sins, hoping thereby to drive us to despair. 362 more words

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Final Spiritual Combat: Assault Against Faith (The Spiritual Combat)

Concerning the four assaults of the enemy at the hour of death.  The first assault against faith and the manner of resisting it

There are four principal assaults to which the enemy is likely to resort when we are at the threshold of death. 345 more words

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Advance Preparation for Death (The Spiritual Combat)

Concerning our preparation against the enemies who assail us at the hour of death

Although our entire life on earth is a continual warfare, it is certain that the last day of battle will be the most dangerous; for he who falls on this day, falls never to rise again. 295 more words

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Persevere Until Death (The Spiritual Combat)

Concerning the manner in which we are to persevere in the spiritual combat until death

One of the requisites in the spiritual combat is perseverance in the continual mortification of our unruly passions; for never in this life are they utterly subdued, but take root in the human heart like weeds in fertile soil. 353 more words

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