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Letters of Spiritual Direction

“May this same God inspire me to say what will be best for your direction.

It isn’t possible for you to be so soon mistress of your soul and have it so totally in hand right away. 302 more words

The Soft Animal of Your Body Loves What It Loves

The other night, deep in the darkness of my nylon tent, deep in the depths of a summer night, camping along the Hood Canal, I felt afraid. 265 more words


To Think With the Church

In his Spiritual Exercises, St. Ignatius of Loyola set down eighteen rules for “thinking with the Church” that are fundamental to the discernment of spirits. 76 more words


Our Spiritual Nature

My nights of late have been filled with dreams of struggle. Arguments, unease, confusion. I am going through a deep change. I can feel it happening in many areas of my life and my dreams seem to be reflecting the movement. 1,403 more words


Dan Burke from SpiritualDirection.com has invited me to write a series on “Mysticism and Magisterium.”  The first installment is up:  “Thinking with the Church… 51 more words


Thy Will Be Done

Lets look at it another way.  If deliberately choosing to follow Christ down a clear and narrow path of holiness is not our choice in this life, will it suddenly be our choice in death? 112 more words

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A Grounding Experience: Spiritual Life Coaching (Part 2)

Have you ever wondered what God is “up to” in your life? Have you been discouraged thinking that you were alone in making decisions? Have you felt as though you were disjointed or scattered in your process of discerning what direction to take in your life’s journey? 368 more words

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