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Say yes to a better prayer life

“Yet Teresa had her faults, for saints are not born out of the blue. They are weighed down with the same weak human nature we all have, and they experience the same temptations. 177 more words

Spiritual Direction

The Spiritual Exercises


I hope and pray we all had a good week and that this week would be even better than the one gone by.

This week I think we should look at St Ignatius of Loyola. 169 more words



What is Spiritual Direction?

Seems like a simple question, but sometimes I have trouble answering it succinctly. Its listening. Its walking with someone in their walk with God. 809 more words

Health & Splendor

About ten days ago, a friend sent me a message: “Ever since your blog post about the new year, I have been pondering my ‘word’ for 2015. 1,166 more words


Being Beauty

Our world is so very focused on physical beauty.  So many of us strive to attain a certain level of attractiveness so that we may feel good about ourselves,  loved by others and have more confidence. 553 more words


The art of listening...

Someone recently asked me how my spiritual direction was going.  The question stopped me in my tracks because, in fact, I had not been to see my Spiritual Director since my maternity leave started nine months ago.  429 more words

When I Should Feel Joy #4: True Love

I was so afraid that God was shaking his head as he looked on me that I couldn’t bring myself to look at him, either. When I did lift my gaze, all I seemed to see was God’s profile. 567 more words