Losing Heart

This year has been hard on my heart.   And by my heart, I mean that place inside of me where my hopes and dreams and visions are stored.  1,169 more words

Matters Of Faith

Sometime, Somewhere

Unanswered yet? the prayer your lips have pleaded
In agony of heart these many years?
Does faith begin to fail? Is hope departing?

And think you all in vain those falling tears? 208 more words


Five Minute Friday: Long

The path ahead can often seem long and wide, the distance stretching out before us. Perhaps it is enduring a trial, accomplishing a task, or waiting on a promise, that has us feeling like the seconds tick by much too slowly. 300 more words


The Other One--Why Does The Holy Spirit Intercede On Our Behalf?

“Since I don’t have school tomorrow, I’m going to stay up and see the lunar eclipse,” announced Annalia. “It says it’s a full eclipse on October the 8th, at 3:27 a.m.” 1,391 more words

Setting Sail with God-Sized Dreams...

Letting go is never easy.
We often find ourselves attached to things, that while noble pursuits, are simply not meant to be. We can hold on as tight as we want, yet they can still be ripped from our clutches.  235 more words


Five Minute Friday: Care

I care what people think – it’s that plain and simple.
Well, I’m painfully aware of this simple fact after a week of promptings from the Lord. 510 more words


Harvest Time For Faithful Relationships

Embrace this season of relationship building and reconciliation! God is pouring out His love to bring healing and restoration to His children. It is a Naomi and Ruth season. 641 more words

Spiritual Growth