A Clear Vision

Without a clear vision, odds are you will come to the end of your life and wonder. Wonder what you could have done- what you should have done. 78 more words


A Vision of Victory

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I had a vision of a blindfolded expert swordsman fighting with a sword in his left hand; feigning a yawn with his right before casually folding it behind his back. 67 more words


Won't Get it in a Church

Depend on God, not the Institution

I am going to make some pretty bold statements here.  I have had this conversation with a number of people lately, and I share it here. 292 more words

Spiritual Encouragement

Simple Blink


Simple Blink

Don’t do it.



There was a time in my life when I thought I couldn’t blink enough times nor quick enough!! 302 more words


Hard Message To Write

To all my dear friends & family, I am not sure how to address you today. I ask you to bear with me as I struggle to write, attempting to make sense from the worst 9 days of my life. 1,916 more words

Marion Soccer Association

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Please read....an important heartfelt message from a mom who had to say good-bye to her son too soon...

Removing the Cancer

The removal of a skin cancer is not a pleasant task.

A year ago the 19th of this month I had to have a basal cell carcinoma removed.   467 more words

Spiritual Encouragement

No Condemnation: In Hope We Are Saved!

Scripture For Study Reflection: Romans 8:17-39 We have read it many times as believers in Romans 8:1 “There is no condemnation for those who are Christ Jesus”  but do we live it as we truly believe it? 209 more words

Spiritual Encouragement