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Today I have dabbled in a little Microsoft Paint and created the image above.

When I saw this mushroom and the water settling on the surface of it, I was stimulated to take a photo of it.  978 more words

Spiritual Enlightenment

If We Change Our Perception - We May End Human Suffering

 I watched this video by Jeff Lieberman on science and spirituality and I can honestly say it was quite profound.  Not having a strong scientific base, a lot went right over my head and will require my watching it several times to digest his thought process.   123 more words


In the Beginning…Eve’s Version

In the Beginning…

Me – Lesley Chappelle 17.09.14

This blog is a culmination of the blogs I wrote September 2013. On August 7th 2013, I had a dream of Satan dropping down in front of me and he was after me. 5,185 more words

Spiritual Enlightenment

For What It's Worth


“For What It’s Worth”

There’s something happening here
But what it is ain’t exactly clear
There’s a man with a gun over there
Telling me I got to beware. 187 more words


Mithra, Selene And The Vanity Under The Sun

Mithra and Selene are the masculine sun “god” and the feminine moon “god.” Neither are truly Elohim, and both are fallen angels.

The sun’s light casts a shadow, and the shadow is the moon. 4,446 more words