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The Sorcerers Explanation

“Spiritual enlightenment” is the ultimate game of the “ego-I,” but “freedom” is the relinquishment of the position of self, beyond which true selflessness arises.

It is foolishness to think that anybody desires “freedom.” The seeker has to be tricked. 1,220 more words

Stopping The World

The Mold Of Man, Spiritual Enlightenment, And New Seer Toltecs

He said it was not God, but rather the mold of man. I knew that he was right. Yet I could not admit that, not out of annoyance or stubbornness, but simply out of a sense of ultimate loyalty to and love for the divinity that was in front of me.

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Spiritual Enlightenment

Weirdness Multiplied and an Early Morning

This morning I was up three hours before sunrise. Seriously. I woke up and was ready to get up, I couldn’t even contemplate going back to bed. 831 more words


New Dawn

How often do you get to (or have to) be awake for sunrise? Tell us about what happened the last time you were up so early (or late…). 537 more words

Daily Prompt

Ten Things I Can't Do At The Same Time

I can walk and chew gum. I can use a battery-powered screwdriver while holding a screw. I can listen to music and cook. I can’t do other things when I’m doing something else. 539 more words


The Wheel of Life

This mandala is beautiful. It also represents the Chakras beginning with the root chakra and going out to the third eye …….

I love learning. I always have. 970 more words