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Savoring and Saving the World: Essentials of Unitarian Universalism, Part 6

Today’s message represents the completion of our year-long sermon series on Unitarian Universalist essentials. We are already busy with our religion—we are worshipping, studying, serving, giving, meditating, celebrating, changing lives in here and in the larger world, all this and more—but this does not necessarily mean our minds are fully connecting with our faith. 2,289 more words

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Theology OUT of the Box

Summers in high school, I used to teach Vacation Bible School. We used popsicle sticks to create little Noah’s Arks. We played Pin-the-Animal-to-the-Ark. We ate a snack of animal crackers. 3,199 more words

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Parenting the Unitarian Universalist Way

That’s a powerful video. It’s a segment from Anderson Cooper’s special 360 report entitled “Kids on Race: The Hidden Picture,” and while we will definitely want to address its findings about “implicit racial bias” (we’ll get there in a moment), to begin with just think about what it’d be like to be Mikayla’s parents, to sit in the hot seat with them, to be under the bright lights being interviewed by Anderson Cooper and you know that millions of people are gonna see your kid in action, and therefore, inevitably, you are gonna be exposing your parenting to the judgment of millions of people. 3,179 more words

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Spring Cleaning: Time to Get Your House in Order

“Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.” Matt 12:25

As we eagerly wait for Spring to arrive and leave the harsh, bitter Winter behind, our minds are focused on warmer weather, budding flowers and spending time outside. 693 more words


Mother Body

1. Words of Love

For now, no more blood
will you shed in sympathy
with the pull of the cool night’s moon.

I grow inside your womb, 271 more words

Spiritual Growth And Development

The Spiritual Art of Living with Meaning and Purpose

I believe in a life filled with meaning and purpose, and so I unwittingly talk, write, and counsel a lot about it.  I constantly search for credible resources that will guide me in the right direction as I learn more about the meaning and purpose of my own life. 582 more words

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The Worst Form of Violence

Gandhi once called poverty “the worst form of violence.” For a person so well acquainted with violence, that is saying something.

Why did he say that? 3,247 more words

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