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Alzheimer's Diary

I wrote a couple of blogs about Alzheimer’s on my English blog as well as my Japan blog. This is a continuum of my awareness about Alzheimer’s disease. 937 more words


Nature ever flows, stands never still.

Motion or change is her mode of existence.

The poetic eye sees in Man the Brother of the River and in Woman the Sister of the River.

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Twelve Minutes In Time

The fog is very dense this morning here in Minnesota … very eerie, ghostly and mysterious. As the night tries to give up its possessive grip on darkness and allow itself to morph into a tiny shimmer of the approaching dawn, my thoughts and feelings are drawn toward reflection on seeing and not seeing, feeling and not feeling.   306 more words


The "L" Guideline to Living a Balanced Life

Personal Habits that Foster Balance
(Mind, Body, Emotional, Spirit)

Learning is a life-long task.  Constantly being open to new experiences and learning new things, helps keep us young at heart and our human ego at bay.  272 more words


The Judgement Jungle

Let’s Re-Frame Judgement A Bit . . .

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to judge a person’s behavior and/or choices whether it personally affects you or not?   300 more words


Combining Herbs and Flower Essences

Combining Herbs and Flower Essences – A More Effective Way to Heal the Body and Mind

The human body is always striving for balance by constantly seeking homeostasis – a stable functioning internal system. 770 more words

Healing The Body

The Secret of Healing Within the Medicine Wheel


But none the less, circles occurring in nature seem to draw our attention quickly. We are curious and excited to see growth rings in the heart-wood of trees when they have fallen or been cut, because we have learned that counting the number of rings can tell its age. 721 more words

Natural Healing