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Going Renegade with Zhi Gang Sha - and loving it!

Renegade? Hell yes…mostly because I never thought I would ever be into anything spiritual much less be blogging about it – but that’s all changed now, and strangely enough I feel pretty awesome about it. 434 more words

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Off to a Bumpy Start

As I pondered the idea of finally sitting down to start a blog, I thought for days and days about what subject matter I would write about. 719 more words

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Lost and Found - Happiness

12/7/12 – morning

Seek happiness with a vengeance.


12/12/12 – 12

Well…setbacks are inevitable. I’ve known this but it’s not something I like to think about on a good day or a day where things feel like they are on the up and up. 1,485 more words

Join our annual international summer seminar!

We invite you to our 4-day annual international summer seminar in picturesque Korfos, Greece where you will have the opportunity to experience spiritual living in action, surrounded by an atmosphere of warmth, balance and group spirit, while enjoying the beauty and peacefulness of the Greek sea and landscape. 286 more words

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The Great Mystery

12/4/12- afternoon

Spiritual people are generally more happy, contented people. The word spiritual has a broad spectrum of meaning in this case. It doesn’t mean religious, though of the many pathways to a spiritual life, religion is a popular and often beautiful choice. 1,446 more words