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Have a Heart

Brothers and sisters, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for the Israelites is that they may be saved. –Romans 10:1

Is it your heart’s desire for others to be saved? 331 more words

Christian Care Ministry



  • Subway phased out azodicarbonamide from its breads
  • A teenager’s petition help remove brominated vegetable oil from PepsiCo’s Gatorade. BVO is used in flame retardants.
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Not a Bad Tuesday / Cynicism

Yesterday was better.

Physically, I didn’t starve myself. I continued to, except for probably minuscule amounts, stay away from sugar, which is honestly my main culprit in life. 399 more words


Rebellious Heart

So how did Lent go?”

Honestly, I considered deleting my previous post and pretending like it never happened. Why, you ask? Because I allowed myself to do what I typically do…set a goal and let it go when things get tough or really just inconvenient. 654 more words


Movies movies movies!

Sorry I haven’t been on lately, to any followers I may have out there. This season has been so busy. But I’ve had several thing stirring in my head. 394 more words

Spiritual Health

Offering Prayer and Spirituality to Terminally Ill Patients

In all the caregiving I have done with my husband (cancer), brother (end stage renal failure), and mom (congestive heart failure), I have asked them if they wanted to say a prayer while I visited, or when I was leaving. 562 more words

Caregivers For Dialysis Or Chemotherapy