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Death Drew His Heartless Knife

Some summers languish in the sun’s heat, others drown from cloud covered skies and still others are made cool and crisp from the Northern Winds; the summer of 1967 was a brilliant northern summer in the Adirondacks. 411 more words

Should Christians Do Yoga?

Christians against yoga has long been an established belief, I assume primarily due to the non-Christian roots of the beginnings of yoga. Even though I was raised in what many would consider a very strict, conservative home, I was never particularly taught anything against yoga. 1,193 more words


Psalms —6

The birth of Samuel (c. 1098 BC) led to a new era in the story of Israel, for he was the last Judge and the first Prophet to this emerging nation.  335 more words

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A Long Journey!

I just got back from my morning walk, feeling very much at peace with life, and pondering the journey I’ve been on these 60 years. I’m going to give you a quick overview of life stages and what I learned through each. 594 more words

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If I'm So Normal, Why Am I So Unhappy?

The young women who find their way to the Lighthouse, a pregnancy and parenting resource center in my home town, might seem familiar to you. Actually, they could be your neighbor’s daughter, your pastor’s daughter or your daughter. 1,094 more words

Identity Shapes Faith & Practice

blogpost 07-18-2014

God is not a genie

A lot of people have been asking questions about God lately. “Why did He do this?” “Why won’t He answer?” “Is He real?” “What does He want from me?” Even, “I asked, but He didn’t answer”. 235 more words

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