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What is Truth?

Truth lies in your soul and in your connection to your Higher Self. The truth of the Third Dimension (Earth) is not truth at all, as life on Earth is an illusion as you learn your lessons and play out your karma. 455 more words

The Soul

A Cry To Double Standards

Oh Man
How can you talk
About how Woman
Is easy and quick
To spread her legs
Yet lack the discernment
Of how you are… 30 more words

Poetic Diction

Channellings from the Masters: Do Not Give Into the Fear

Behold, I am Archangel Zadkiel, and I come to you today to bring hope and love to your heavy hearts. Although much of the world is plunged in grief and despair at the acts of a few whose beliefs are extreme and beyond reason, there is much light permeating the darkness. 481 more words