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The basic structure of the spiritual 'lessons'

I’ve come to believe through personal experience that earth is something like a super-galactic ‘training ground’, we’re like these spiritual beings who are like ‘I’m gona do it! 649 more words

Spiritual Lessons from a One-year-old

Spiritual Lessons from a One-year-old

This week I’ve had the blessing and privilege of helping care for my grandson, Benji. To say that I’ve been much more tired this week is quite an understatement. 669 more words


This is yet another gift!

Everything around us is a gift!  How absolutely magical life is when seen like that!

I see it in a hug of a friend, laughter of our kids, snowflake that melts on our cheeks, birds flying above us.. 179 more words

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The power of sacred silence

“silence is the language of god,
all else is poor translation.” – Rumi

Inhale deeply.

Now release it.

Be present in this moment.

Silence is powerful.  

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7 Spirituals Lessons from the Land of the Holy Cow

The first post of the new year is a guest post from someone who is very dear to me! Hope you enjoy this special treat! Now off to the person who has been no less than a role model to me, someone with wealth of wisdom and a heart of gold :)  673 more words


2015 Here We Go - Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

That’s right, 2015 is here and a new year is upon us. 2014 was an awesome year, packed full of great experiences, blessings and challenges in the Lord and new beginnings in pretty much every area of my life – I really don’t think there was one area left untouched by the events of this past year :). 975 more words


Love is the energy that sustains us all. We may not see it but through our hearts we definitely love it.
Working with love to benefit others.