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Patience Is the Name of the Game

I often feel like God teaches us great lessons through our critters.  One of them is to be in the moment, which is inherently hard for me as my brain is constantly on the go (just ask Cowboy).   689 more words

Farmtastic Stories

The Lord is for me, I will not fear

I have noticed a recent trend on social media and the news: FEAR. Most of the fear is surrounding Ebola entering our borders. But, there is always something on the news or events happening in our lives or the lives of those around us that could cause us to be fearful: issues with our health, not having job security, the health and welfare of our children, anxieties and phobias, etc., etc. 1,302 more words

Spiritual Lessons

The Seed

God instructs us to learn lessons from everyday life. One of this is the lesson from the seed: how it falls to the ground, dies, decays, germinate, and begins the cycle of another life in a new plant. 570 more words