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Academic versus Realized Buddhism

I know enough now to see the bigger landscape of Theravāda Buddhism. Basically it divided about 1200 years ago into two schools: the academics headed by Buddhaghosh, and the forest monks, the practitioners. 999 more words


Rambling on; Just having a moment of wisdom!

Ive just replied to someone’s blog and thought I’d use it as part of a post here too IE The stress we put ourselves under by comparing our achievements to others, or the expectations of others. 740 more words

Timing is Everything...

Despite the fact that Maestro had my hands tied, over my head, with clear instructions not to move them.

And the fact that he was having his way with me… 565 more words


Traditional ways come to the city: in brief

Traditional culture goes by a lot of names these days. Every region has their own ancient practice. The Americas have their shamans connecting man to nature and the cosmos thru fire and smoke rituals, chanting, and vision questing. 656 more words


Children and the Spiritual Path.

It is never wise to force the issue of the path of spirituality on to anyone.

If a person is forced to follow a religion or spiritual path it can lead to resentment and rebellion. 125 more words

Personal Development

Factors of Stream-entry

A friend recently asked: “I was wondering whether we can attain sotapanna only thru meditation or is there a certain technique that we can use to attain this level?” 1,046 more words


This Is Not the End, Merely A Fork in the Road...

Do you hear that? It is the sound of Christmas Carols and snow lightly falling across the hard, frozen ground. Winter has hit us, and fast, here in the mountains, and I did not see it coming. 766 more words