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JESUS - Thank you for your LOVE!!

Thank you for being you, the magnificent being of pure LOVE that you are and always will be.Thank you for coming to Earth 2,000+ years ago and selflessly pouring out your love and light from your heart as the Christ in a time and space when the darkness has reached its lowest point. 803 more words

Arch Angels

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Thank YOU Jesus and Andy... you both made my day! Love, David ;) <3

As she wandered back to her cabin, searching for any fond memories she might have buried from her childhood, light faded everywhere around her.

How about the coloring? 311 more words

Don't Explain Yourself Away

I recently received a forwarded email that began with: “I don’t normally send things like this but..”
It made me think of all of these times: 182 more words

Balanced Life

Hanging in the Balance

My spirit moves in a
Constant state of
Veil and light
Straining towards the moment
Of pause- rest-quiet.

And, once achieved- the motion begins
Newly birthed from the inertia. 185 more words

Esoteric Writings

The Metamorph

     I had been doing various kinds of factual writing for many years when I finally wrote a fictional story that I felt was good enough to publish: … 1,295 more words

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What You're Searching For Has Always Been Here

Written by Will, The Galactic Free Press.

What could be more amazing than experiencing the whole Universe as God, Yourself included? What’s stopping you from doing that right now? 337 more words

Spiritual News

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Thank yu Wes :)

Living NOW

Living in your ‘now’ does not mean forgetting your past, nor does it mean stopping the planning for your future. Enjoy the fullness of every

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