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Mysticism Bookshelf

A selection of recommended books on mysticism for anyone on the path to awakening and self-knowledge. These are either classics or books I’ve found particularly helpful over the years. 1,228 more words


Musings: Spirituality, Sef-Improvement And Seeking.

I notice that the idea one might call “spirituality” is merely a tool and as so, has no inherent value or meaning in and of itself. 523 more words


All These Things that I Have Done...

He was curt in his instruction…

“Come here and lay across my lap”

Without hesitation, I placed myself on his lap.  I was waiting for the first smack across my backside, as I knew it was coming. 689 more words


Roots = in this together

Humanity is in trouble. Violence is in common language, common actions, and part of common entertainment. Violence effects millions of people directly through war, poverty, abuse, slavery, and sexual misconduct. 168 more words

Entry Level Meditations

The Benefit of a Spiritual Journey

On this beautiful morning, I am grateful for the life I have chosen. As I sit listening to music by Deva Premal, I am reminded how dull my life could have been if I had chosen another path. 440 more words


Finding a path

The Mother Ganga holds the sacred names of all the traditions that have grown from her banks. She holds them in the bones of the teachers that have been buried along her banks and in her base for eons. 799 more words

Spiritual Growth

Love School Chakra Rap

by Josh Ehrenreich

In celebration of the first week of yoga school for the fall 2014 class, we thought we’d bring back Josh Ehrenreich’s chakra rap that he created for his final yoga school project during spring of 2014!

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