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Notes from the Road (to recovery)

The transition continues and while I wish in some part of me that this would happen more quickly, there are significant changes every few days. Some of them are very personal so I really could n’t write much about them but I can compile a few notes here from what has been going on. 799 more words


Gravestomps: A Grave that Calls

One night during a local gravestomp, we had a large group of several people spread throughout and exploring the various areas of the cemetery. Richard, Nightshade, and I kept running into each other repetitively in one section. 401 more words


What is Embodiment # 8: Do or Die

There is a part of us that’s only interested in completing our mission. “Do, or die trying.”

Emotionally, listening to Oshana’s teachings is a bit like being told to leave a warm fireside and go walking in the cold and dark for an indefinite period. 55 more words

Gravestomps: The Faerie Lights Cemetery

Here in the DFW metroplex, we have a small graveyard on a two lane, gravel topped road that has been popular for decades. Locals call it the “Faerie Lights Cemetery”. 906 more words


The Celebration of Gravestomps

No matter how abhorrent the name sounds, this activity is actually a harmless and non-offensive adventure. A gravestomp is nothing more than a scheduled late night outing to a local cemetery that has been reported to be… 482 more words


Tarot Hero’s Journey: The Chariot

The next step on our journey to awakening is The Chariot. A young man rides a chariot pulled by two horses, although here they appear to be sphinxes. 430 more words


Shifting Tides

So, my first post. It’s not exactly how I had imagined it, but it’s something that needs to get out there.

My life has been extremely chaotic recently, to the point that I’ve just stopped being social. 922 more words

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