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Be the Force of Change

My dear yoga teacher, Sri Durga, used to say that the only constant we can be sure of is change. Change is inevitable. No matter what we do, it is busy happening right now, even while you are reading this article, change is happening in the NOW all the time. 1,070 more words


Suchness and Form

Creator/Spirit/Mind/Source, the infinite mystery of the universe, is described in many ways:  word, breath, spirit, formless, suchness, energy, nameless with a thousand names.  We turn to look and do not see.  665 more words


Arranging Session Time in Melbourne ~ Call Me ~ Also in Alabama Thanksgiving Week

I’ve never done it on purpose, but I observe that when I have a thought and a feeling of adamance that I want something NOW!, no room for the negative CAN’T to creep in, I get it right away.  245 more words

Rosalie Parker

Small Moments

A day, an hour, a minute, a second

thank God for small moments

A smile, a gesture, a word, a phrase

and my face lights up, my world no longer a… 50 more words


The Road Not Taken...

We all know the poem, a Robert Frost classic.  It is a poem about the choices we make.

One road is traveled, assumed to be the easier path. 912 more words


What is Embodiment # 93: The Lesson

If enlightenment can’t be taught, what does an enlightenment teacher teach?

An enlightenment teacher can only model his own behavior (mimesis), so in the end he or she can only teach how to be . 118 more words

A Personal Journey of 30 Days of Yoga - Day 27

Day 27

Yoga was fantastic this week. Every day I went, it was exactly what I needed at the time. It’s really helped me develop a wellness routine that includes better nutrition, my spiritual practice, and meditation. 270 more words