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Fly Upon Angel Wings

Oh, heart, your soul-voice flows so swiftly
Like the waves of the cosmic ocean
Collecting and dispatching
Collecting and dispatching

Oh, heart, sing only of the joys… 102 more words



ashes birth fire and
on red wing it lifts;
to recall the cycle
of soul
in its flesh.

My Guardian Angel

She is the One
Who lets me Love
In abandonment

Her voice
The sound of falling snow
In the soliciting silence
Of a midwinter’s night… 53 more words



Pierce the depths of the ocean
With your dreams
And the clouds
Will lovingly bend down and lift them up
And carry them
To God’s Heavenly Garden… 69 more words


"The gift" - channelled spiritual message from The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy

Channelled by Kay Meade. Copyright © 2014 Kay Meade and Peter Ashley

This poem is from our book ‘Love is The Key’ which contains some 100+ spiritual messages channeled by Kay Meade from The Circle of The Light of The Love Energy plus some spiritual poems inspired by them. 61 more words


Little Hope

Hold my hand, little hope
Don’t let me go astray
I cannot sail without your wind
Lift my sails, I pray

Lead my ship to better shores… 76 more words