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Come In! Make Yourself at Home!

My daughters-in-law are amazing hostesses! And that’s not easy when your mother and father-in-law can visit for a week at a time. A day or two – anyone can handle, but a week – well, that requires a concerted effort. 513 more words

Spiritual Walk

A Lady in Waiting

Photograph by Cecelia Becker


Isaiah 40:31 But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

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Spiritual Walk

Fish and (Chocolate) Chips

Our house is on the market and that means keeping everything looking and smelling like no one lives here. That’s not easy to do because we still live here. 537 more words

Spiritual Walk

Nicknaming life.

It just has been so long since I’ve written about what is happening in my life!

This is a new season. My roommates have both moved out of town and I have myself a cozy little one bedroom. 471 more words

A Stone in the Wall

In the spring of 2000, my dad and I drove to North Carolina to document the works of art he and my Gramps had created out of stone. 624 more words

Spiritual Walk

Sunday Scripture [Matthew 16:24-25]

Today’s scripture was the passage we read in church this morning.

It hit me hard. The words, I have read them before.

The impact, it has never been so heavy. 430 more words

I am a flawed woman after God’s heart.

I’m a woman who believes in the power of prayer & praying w/the authority He has given us.I don’t pray enough at times & feel I don’t use big words but that doesn’t matter,it’s vital to believe in the words we speak when we pray,trusting & knowing God will move mountains & work in His timing as He’s taught/teaching me to be patient & Be Still,He is in control.I’m not an expert on prayer or a Godly woman(I could never live up to such a standard)but I am a flawed woman after God’s heart,who strongly desires to be a Proverbs 31 woman,a mighty warrior in His army.I was once lost & caught up in the world,living recklessly,practicing sin,empty trying to fill in the cracks & brokenness,caught in between addictions & consumed w/lies of the enemy telling me my past & mistakes defined me.BUT God rescued me,I believe it was through the prayers of others.He’s the reason for change,for softening my calloused heart daily,for joy,teaching me(boy does He teach & deal w/me),sanctifying,& loves me in spite of me.Loves us all.I am a woman who prays because I need Him just as much as someone who doesn’t know Him,because someone’s prayers helped/still help me & I’m passionate about Him using me to help others.I refuse to give up or just sit back,I refuse to allow the enemy to think he’s winning.Addictions & chains are broken,toxic relationships end,marriages restored,healing & just so much results from the power of prayer so that He gets the glory;There’s so much need for it.I pray He continue to give me a hunger for Him & His word.I want to fearlessly & boldly put on my armor daily,Fight the good fight of faith & give Him praise & thanks through it all.He’s taught me to pray for my enemies,pray when life is good & when the storms or attacks come.He’s shown me that anything is possible as long as we believe & He is good no matter what.