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The battle for souls

by Patrick Novecosky

If there’s one thing that Lent has reminded me of, it’s that we’re at war. We’re in the thick of a battle for souls, and our eternal destination is one of two places. 505 more words


Conflicting Messages All Around Us

All around us, every day. Billboards. Newspapers. Magazines. TV. We hear it; Radio, Internet, Podcasts. Conflicting messages. Each one telling us who we are supposed to be. 873 more words


Forgiveness IS a big deal...

  I know, know, KNOW, this is a bold statement. But, sometimes I think people need to see/hear bold statements in order to get pulled back towards the truth. 321 more words

Spiritual Warfare

Just because they say it's true...

As a child, I grew up believing everything I was taught.  If you told me that what my Momma said was wrong, I’d a been up in your face and then some!!!  635 more words

Spiritual Warfare

Fear is sin.

Did you know fear is a sin? Fear means being afraid, worried, and concerned that a bad thing is going to take place in your life. 258 more words

Spiritual Warfare

Your prayer can save a life...

  I want to share something with you that I myself wasn’t aware of until the recent past.  I want to share with you how to strategically pray for the salvation of others.  1,058 more words

Spiritual Warfare

South Africa Elections 2014


Lord we come to YOUR throne by YOUR grace and through the blood of the LORD JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH WHO CAME IN THE FLESH. 1,876 more words

Spiritual Warfare