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'You are not your mind' - The power of NOW

I am reading a book at the moment called ‘The Power of Now – a guide to spiritual enlightenment’ by Eckhart Tolle.

It is advertised as a a spiritual guide teaching you how to live in the now and deal with everyday stresses. 319 more words


April’s A-Z Challenge: N = Nirvana

…The titles of these articles were chosen by my friend Hayley. In a little social experiment I am conducting, I am using the same word she does for her challenge article, but I am not reading what she writes until after I have written my own piece. 568 more words

Happy Easter 2014!

By Padmini Arhant 

Lord Jesus resurrection to life on the third day following crucifixion on Holy Friday is celebrated on Easter Sunday.

Humanity failure to follow spiritual teachings and guidance is evident in civilization decline.   330 more words


NAPOWRIMO ~ Day 11 ~ Anacreontic Verse ~ Immersed ~

The Anacreontic verse or anacreonteus is the seven-syllable line invented by the Greek poet


be it red or white or sweet

bottled for ages hidden deep… 57 more words

Think About This

Easter Egg

During Easter we are celebrating the greatest miracle recorded in the bible, resurrection. Although, we have taught our children and instilled within our culture the rituals of basketing candies and chocolate, painting eggs and glorifying the Easter Bunny, that does not instill within us the deep secrets that this holiday holds. 179 more words


Being spiritual and working full time

I have had this question asked to me a couple of times in the last week so I thought it was worthy of a blog! 929 more words

Spiritual Development

Easter - Rising Sun of Consciousness

Superstar Jesus Christ conned the Romans, and proved them as nothing, but mere ‘Tin Soldiers – Toys of Destiny’, by displaying a superb feat, which was, to ask Judas to betray him, so he could get on that cross, and defeat death. 400 more words