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On Supernatural

*some slight spoilers for people who haven’t seen past the first few seasons of Supernatural will follow* An article in The New York Times (which can be found… 446 more words

Family Reunion

17 April 2014

The temperature was five degrees above freezing and the sun was shining. I took a walk to the park to see if any of my friends had come out of hibernation. 1,244 more words



Fluid is a substance which undergoes continuous deformation due to force of stress.

It is part of our system be it water or even human body.. 246 more words

The Calling

There is much to be said about the chaos that has manifested throughout the world. People are suffering, animals are suffering and the earth is slowly, but surely, being diminished of its resources. 297 more words


Observations of Deist

I always write my blogs from personal experience, interactions and observations in my own life. I believe all have free choice and will as to what we believe in this world and we should respect each others beliefs, even if I may struggle to comprehend them. 1,017 more words

Know Yourself

Fairy Horsemen

From Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Coming of the Faeries‘ 1921

The wide distribution of the fairies may
be judged by the following extremely inter- 525 more words