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The Harvest Magazine Is Here!

Whether you stumbled onto our place or you were directed here, welcome, welcome, welcome! This new blog is a content companion to the forthcoming The Harvest Magazine… 153 more words


American Christianity's Elephant in the Room

Since the very beginning of the nation, Christianity has been the dominant cultural narrative of the United States.  Or, more accurately, the narrative of American… 898 more words


Influence = in-fluence, ie. flowing in

yet another beautiful example of the meaning in and behind the words that we take for granted or don’t quite comprehend. As signposts, words serve a tremendous purpose but it is important to keep the attention on the reality they are pointing to rather than staring at the sign (word) in the hope of direction. 59 more words


When The Only Way To Save Your Humanity Is Noncompliance: For Michael Brown

Today Dex Digital published a blog about the way Michael Brown is being picked apart in the media.

So maybe what all of these terrified racists need is someone that, no matter how hard they try, cannot be dehumanized.

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Who’s Speaking through Me?

Most creative people have experienced the sensation that they were being used as a tool by something outside themselves. So many times I’ve heard the exclamation, “Whoa, where did that come from?” Whether it’s a piece of writing, music or visual art, some of the effort seems to comes from another place. 229 more words


Greater Than the Sum of the Parts

Genius. My greatest sorrow and frustration in life was that I was able to recognize it; appreciate it when I saw it; easily discern between the very good, the great and the brilliant; and yet, I, myself, could not produce anything of such caliber.   374 more words

Communicating With The Dead