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A walking prayer

I would like to become as if I were a walking prayer.
Where everything I see becomes a prayer.
Where everything I can not see becomes a prayer. 114 more words


Landscapes of Light - Land of the Exiles

A guest post by Stuart France

‘The grapes of my body can only become wine after the wine-maker has trampled me. I surrender my spirit like grapes to his trampling so my inner-most heart can blaze and dance with joy.’ 495 more words


"T" Time, the Great Cosmic Punch Line

There’s no denying it. Life plays funny tricks.
Funny peculiar, and funny, ha-ha.
Only the longer you hang around,
The less ha-ha they get.

How can it be that today blends so into yesterday, 332 more words


Not For Me

Not for me. Probably one of the bravest answers we can tell ourselves. It wasn’t for me. However hard we try to make it right, to pull it together, make sense out of love even if we know that it doesn’t fit into our lives. 139 more words


Be Here Now PDF

I am trying to get some of the many PDFs I have uploaded for You so that You can add them to Your Own library. 21 more words


God is Bigger Than ...

I just finished taking a Soul Beliefs class through Coursera. When talking about the course to my husband, I would jokingly refer to it as, “The class that’s teaching me that I don’t have a soul.” 701 more words