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Open up…Land of the Exiles

The alarm was set for 5am but, inevitably, some of us were up and about long before then. There was the temple to prepare, the first real costumes for the Triad and anyway… who could sleep knowing what was to come? 657 more words


An Inspired Diptych

So here we are in the middle of another Holy Week—the seven days between Palm Sunday and Easter. This is the time when Christians pay especially close attention to the stories of Jesus’ arrest, crucifixion, and resurrection. 1,105 more words


grace of seasons

like the grace of summer
we too are given the grace
of full bloom and realization

like the grace of autumn
we too are given the grace… 85 more words

Thought Of The Day

Land of the Exiles… and so it began

There were hugs. Lots of them, as people began to arrive in the ‘Land of the Exiles’ for the Silent Eye weekend workshop. There was a moment when I had armfuls of people it seemed… several at once… then singly… then together. 644 more words


Love the coming & the going

So its good to learn to love when people come & when they go. The ones that are true …well, you just know.
Not everything in life takes hard work & a chase 💜 13 more words



So, I went to my first one on one meeting with a caretaker support person. She’s a nun. I knew that when I went in, so I don’t know why I was surprised when it turned a bit (and this is an understatement) preachy. 948 more words

Taking Care Of Oneself

A young Catholic speaks

First of all, a few lines to say that this was sent to me by a proud father, and he has every reason to be. His son Sean Yap has shared the following, and since he has given me permission, I am having it publicised here. 1,220 more words