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Hip-deep in pixels!

There is nothing more satisfying than creating something beautiful.

Another four cards:


Four More Cards

So I’ve been plugging away at the pixel-wrangling and am pleased with results. Only two more cards in the suit of wands, then I’m on to cups. 17 more words


on marriage - THE 'PERFECT' PARTNER

Ok, so I came across this article that’s been rotating on


A place called Howlong

These photos are taken in Howlong, the town where my parents live, on border of New South Wales and Victoria in Australia.

Although it’s a pretty isolated place, too isolated for me to live permanently, I love the peace here, and after the chaos of India it’s been a great place to re-group. 114 more words


The Dilemma @ The Border

You would have to be hiding under a rock these past few weeks to not be aware of the dire situation on our southern border with children streaming in from South and Central America. 209 more words

Spirituality And Religion

Faster than a ...

Well, here’s the next card, 8 of wands, traditionally called “Swiftness” or “Speed.”

And I just want to say that I like the background even by itself: 33 more words


Tragedies in 2014

If you scroll only a few posts downward, you will see (both due to my infrequent posting ability and also the significantly short time period) that it was only recently that I was lamenting about the sadness that was MH370. 390 more words

Spirituality And Religion