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The following is a chopped version of my earlier post “How Tarot Works,” designed to be less snarky and more direct to how Tarot works. If you want the full-on snark, it’s still available… 1,138 more words


What else do you need?

A friend of mine, frustrated by my recent unwillingness to believe in anything that can be debunked by actual reality, said, “but where’s the beauty? Where’s the mystery?” 31 more words


If you claim to seek the truth...

You wouldn’t think someone about to publish a Tarot deck would be a champion of rationality, but there it is. I’ll be putting up the completed intro to my Tarot book when it’s completed, but I thought I’d put up this graphic, inspired by the intro. Cheers.


The cross.

These wretched rags
Of self will and desire;
These half made plans
And sleeping dreams.
Aborted ideas
Loathing and fears……
I leave them all
At the cross of Christ. 148 more words

Spirituality And Religion

Dressing Up?

We all have an ambiguous relationship with Authority or power  and so we should as Christians.

I wonder when you last felt powerless? To be powerless is something we all fear briefly clothed, but God laughs when we take it too, so we anxiously remind ourselves of all our virtues and capabilities. 121 more words

Spirituality And Religion

What's Your Spiritual Expertise, NJ?

While I believe that a one-pointed and steady focus (or a set religion) is probably the best way for any person to achieve personal growth, I also know that much truth is revealed to me via diversity.

565 more words

The Garden

I tried to hide from God
Thinking I was doing the right thing.
He was always there,
Walking in the cool of the day;
In the garden, 103 more words

Spirituality And Religion