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Teilhard de Chardin Quote of the Week (September 1, 2014): Religion and Spirituality

“I was having a comfortable glass of beer with a lieutenant who is a friend of mine, and observing with curiosity the Spanish mission who were loading one another with congratulations around their cups of tea. 254 more words


2º Centro energetico (Chakra Sacro: Svadhisthana)


Ubicacion: base de la columna
Glandula: Ovarios Testiculos
Funcion Psycologica: Movimiento y Coneccion. Emocional
Color – Frecuencia:Naranja

Segundo centro energetico de abajo hacia arriba: nos permite experimentar la vida a traves de las emociones y sensaciones. 219 more words

Spirituality And Religion

How cruel!

I think I know why the suit of swords is so unhappy – whoever was codifying the meanings, long ago, when they got to swords, they said “hold on! 257 more words



The wife loves to watch Joyce Meyer in the morning and she is usually on just as I am supposed to be leaving for work. today she focused a lot on discipline and how essential it is for those of us who are Christians to practice in our daily walk. 315 more words

Spirituality And Religion

Fairy Tale.

Wake up
Wake up
The time for sleeping is over.
Lavish summer,
Balmy and restful,
The mirage of fitful fantasies
Seen in the distance,
The gentle droplets… 105 more words

Spirituality And Religion

Domingo! Propuesta: 1º Centro energetico (Chakra Raiz)

Ubicacion: base de la columna
Glandula: Corteza Adrenal!
Funcion Psycologica: Supervicencia y Preservacion
Color – Frecuencia: Rojo

El primer centro energetico del cuerpo de abajo hacia arriba, es el que nos conecta con la identidad, con nuestras creencias y nuestro proposito. 118 more words

Spirituality And Religion

Interesting contrast...

So it took several hours to get the 4 of Swords, Respite, just right. The scene in the window you will recognize as appearing in a few other cards before this; the couch is from one of the oldest photos I have in stock, a piece of photo clip I bought back in ’02. 215 more words