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Memories And Mementos: When To Cherish And When To Let Go

I opened the box and scanned the contents wondering what long-forgotten treasures laid within.  Inside, I found a large stack of playbills and other theatre programs, some ticket stubs, both my elementary and Junior High autograph books, some assorted greeting cards and a small, black leatherette book which I didn’t recognize.   825 more words


Love Without Fear

I arrived back home last Saturday after visiting two of my precious grown-up children (and my future son-in-law).   I also got to see my parents, one of my brothers and one of my closest friends since elementary school.   583 more words


What is a REAL Parent?

I leave on Saturday for a two week visit to New York.  While I am there I will be mainly spending time on my two children.   834 more words


Embracing Moments of Obscurity

Nature is created in such a way that everything that grows and becomes significant, should first of all pass through a moment or season of obscurity. 466 more words

Personal Develpment

Learning To Walk

When we are toddlers learning to take our first steps, there are a range of emotions that we experience.  Likewise, there are a range of emotions our parents experience watching us.   716 more words