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Life's Decisions---Are They Ever Easy?

Sometimes I wonder why I set myself up by expecting decision-making to be easy.  I am trotting along on this road called life and I think it’s going to be smooth sailing.   739 more words


Can We Choose Our Purpose?

I have often heard people say that we are here for a reason and that we each have a plan for us that must be fulfilled.   483 more words


Sending In The Cavalry (Meditation for Psyche Healing)

As mentioned in my previous post, Strengthening Our Inner Potentiality, sometimes we may have several negative, judgemental thoughts about ourselves which hinder us from accomplishing what we want in life.   597 more words


Strengthening Our Inner Potentiality

Pure Potentiality

No matter who you are, what disabilities you may have been born with or acquired later in life, whether you were born into loving families or abusive ones, there is one fact which is true for all of us.   705 more words


Equality-Are We Losing Progress?

In  my lifetime, I have witnessed the progression of man-kind in various forms.  I have seen social and racial barriers collapse.  I have seen laws change to more ethical ones in support of equality.   577 more words


Compassion For The Different

You may be surprised to learn that compassion is often defined in different ways.  In general, people tend to define compassion as caring for those who are hurting in some way or having empathy for others.   762 more words